Killers of Texas Prosecutors Indicted for Murder


McLellandsEarlier this year Kaufman County, Texas, Prosecutor Mike McLelland, and his wife Cynthia were executed just inside the door of their home.  They were both shot with an assault rifle numerous times.  Previous to their murders, Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was shot and killed outside the courthouse as he walked to work, two months earlier.  Their killers were indicted Thursday for murder.

Husband and wife Eric and Kim Williams have been charged with the three murders.  Eric Williams was also indicted for making a terrorist threat, a charge related to an email sent to authorities vowing future violence against county employees. The email was allegedly traced to a computer in the Williams home.

Eric and Kim Williams were arrested in April.  Authorities discovered a methodical plot to avenge Eric Williams’ conviction for stealing three computers from the county.  The crime cost Williams his job, and his law license.

The evidence surrounding the investigation, and the meticulous planning of the murders, could for the 46 year old couple to face the death penalty, said present district attorney, Erleigh Norville Wiley.

“We join with the families, the county and all of those affected by these deaths in the prayer that justice will be done,” she said.

Eric Williams’ bail was set at 23 million dollars, and Kim Williams’ was lowered to 10 million dollars.

After Kim Williams was arrested, she admitted to being the driver as her husband Eric shot Hasse as he walked down the street.  She said she was the passenger when her husband drove to the McLelland home and shot the couple.

Her court-appointed attorney, Paul Johnson, declined to comment Thursday until he had time to review the indictments. Eric Williams’s lead attorney, Matthew Seymour, didn’t immediately return a phone message, and John Wright, an attorney working with Seymour, said he’s prohibited from talking to the media without approval from his supervisors.

Investigators said Eric Williams rented a storage space in the name of a friend, where he hid guns, and the car used in the crimes.  He had practiced law in Kaufman county for 10 years.  Before his theft convitction, he had risen to a judgeship, which paid him $53,000 a year.  He lost both his position, and his license to practice law after the verdict.

At Williams’ trial, both Hasse and McLelland had testified against him.  They recommended a jail term, but he was eventually given probation.

Michael Chitty is the judge who set the Williams’ bail, but has recused himself in favor of a visiting judge.  He had presided over Williams’ theft trial.

The killer, his accomplice in the killing of two Texas prosecutors, and the wife of one of the men, have been indicted for murder.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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