Man With Machete Hacked 2 People to Death In Arkansas


In Fort Smith, Arkansas, a man with a machete hacked two people to death on Wednesday night. Police arrested the suspect at his mother’s home, according to the Southwest Times Record on Thursday.

Police received a call at 9:48 p.m. about a stabbing in the 1600 block of North D Street. Responding officers found the bodies of Nathan Young, 32, and Brandon Prince, 39, both with extensive cuts on their upper bodies.

The two victims, Nathan Young and Brandon Prince, were outside a Fort Smith home on D Street when the suspect, 20-year-old Gregory Aaron Kinsey of Fort Smith, walked by and exchanged words with the men.

Witnesses told police the men confronted Kinsey, who later reportedly told the police that he believed that one of the men looked like someone who had dated his mother.

He then pulled a machete from behind his back and then attacked them with the weapon, saying over and over again he didn’t want to do it, before running off in an attempt to escape getting arrested.

When he was arrested, Kinsey told police he had a “clear mind” and once the fight started “it was like he was watching a movie,” according to the affidavit for probable cause.

Inside the home at the time were Prince’s two children, 15, and 2. A witness described the horror of seeing them scream for their father after the murders. The children were temporarily taken into DHS custody until their mother or another relative can be located.

The gruesome scene was described by police as something “out of a horror movie.”

One witness who was familiar with Kinsey told police that he might be found at his mother’s house. There, police found both the suspect and the weapon believed to have been used in the vicious assault.

Police are investigating into the possibility that the  suspect knew the two men previously to their fatal meeting with him, which resulted in their deaths.

According to investigators, it is unknown at this time if there was any prior connection between the victims and Kinsey or if  Kinsey has a lawyer.

After the witness threw a piece of wood at him, police said, the attacker fled.  Kinsey was arrested at his mother’s residence at 524 1/2 S. 17th St.

It is not believed that this machete attack has any link to the machete assault and murder by Islamic militants in London, England, outside the Woolwich army barracks there. That murder occurred on May 22, 2013.

Why Kinsey would be walking around with a machete behind his back is unclear at this time. Did he think it was for  his own self-defense, or had he been planning on killing someone for a long time prior to acting on his urges and committing the two murders? Was there a long-standing feud between these men, or the one who Kinsey believed had once dated his mother?

The case is still under investigation. Why the man with a machete, Gregory Aaron Kinsey, hacked 2 men to death in Arkansas is unknown, but will likely be revealed in the near future..


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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2 Responses to "Man With Machete Hacked 2 People to Death In Arkansas"

  1. Douglas Cobb   August 6, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Actually, not really. I live in a neighboring town to Fort Smith, and I know that part of Fort Smith, and it’s not a bad neighborhood — the guy was just looking for someone to do something to, in my opinion. You don’t go carrying around a machete in the middle of any town without expecting that you will use it, unless you possibly are using it to clear brush and have it sheathed, at the very least — which he didn’t.

  2. Jose   August 6, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    He said he usually carried a knife but it had broke.
    I imagine the reason for carrying a weapon was that some areas in that part of town can be fairly rough.


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