Kim Kardashian Calls out the Paparazzi in a Twitter Rant


In a recent rant on twitter, reality star and mother to be Kim Kardashian took to twitter to express her thoughts on the paparazzi. As someone like Kim who has become famous because of the paparazzi. She is now seeing some of the backlash and how pushy the paparazzi can be when stars don’t allow shots of them to be taken. In a series of tweets, the reality tv star tweeted:

“I wouldn’t let the paps get a pic of me today & they threatened my life & said if I continue to block shots then they will make my world dangerous to live in! How dare they threaten my life & my unborn child! This has gotten way out of control!”

“Yesterday 4 cars boxed me in. One in front, behind, & one on each side just to have me drive at their speed so they can snap through the window. Its really so scary what they are legally allowed to get away with!”

“For years I’ve always been so gracious. Every shot they take now just isn’t flattering & crazy stories get made up, so why would I willingly just let them stalk me & smile for them? Let me enjoy this last month of pregnancy please without threats & being scared to leave my home due to what dangerous thing they just threatened to do to me.”

“What will it take for there to be laws put in place to prevent this behavior?”

“I get I live a public life. I live my life on a reality show for the world to see. I love my life, but when the cameras stop, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a break too. I’m 32 yrs old now, about to be a mom. I’m not 25 clubbing around LA anymore. There’s no excuse for threats & stalking!”

Kim Kardashian has every right to be upset for the paparazzi has been out of control for awhile. Celebrities are people too and if they don’t want to be photographed at a certain time their privacy should be respected. Also, laws do need to be put in place because we all remember the Princess Diana incident. Paparazzi feel too entitled in getting certain shots of celebrities whenever they choose. Some stake out the homes becoming more like stalkers. It is one thing to stake out a public place for the anticipation of a celebrity but their home or to box them in while driving, risking not only the safety of the celebrity but their own safety and safety of other drivers is just too much.

-Kelly J Newson

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  1. Canadian Mike   June 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    All we ever hear is paparazzi, put names and faces on these loosers and then we’ll see how brave they are. They want to expose people, let them be exposed …


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