Kim Kardashian Fake Baby Pictures

Kim Kardashian's fake baby pictures
Just when you thought that Kim Kardashian’s life couldn’t head any further into left field; naming your newborn child North when the kid’s daddy’s name is West is pretty out there in our opinion, we now have the: “Kim Kardashian Fake Baby Pictures Saga.”

Apparently the 32 year-old mom of North, grabbed a few random baby snaps and sent them off to about a half dozen “friends.” The friends is in quotation marks because it seems that Kim didn’t think that these so-called friends were the real deal.

Paranoid much?

But according to TMZ, Kardashian used the fake baby pictures to separate the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak. Paranoid the not-so-little Kim might be, but when you’re that much of a reality TV celebrity, you have to watch for those “leaks” to the press! She knew that if new’s media outlets began to publish photos of her and Kanye’s little directional baby, she’d know who’d leaked the pictures.

That particular trick has been around for a while. Sources say that Andy Warhol used to do something similar, although he probably did fake prints of his artwork…

So, you ask, did it work? Well, we aren’t really sure.

TMZ wrote that someone did attempt to sell them one of the fake baby pictures. One that featured a tiny baby with a face like Kim and Kanye’s baby might possibly have and the little one was wearing a little white hat like Kim and Kanye’s baby possibly might wear.

Whatever that means.

According to TMZ, they did publish another “fake baby picture.” This particular infant was wrapped in a fuzzy baby blanket. Apparently TMZ are saying that they didn’t pay for the pictures. So where did they come from? reckon that this was all part of Mommy Kim’s fiendish plan. They think that TMZ were in on the Kardashian plan to help her find out who in her “inner circle” could not wait to sell her and baby North out. So at least there was a method to Kim Kardashian’s madness and her fake baby pictures.

The question that asked was, who are these babies, really? Were they just random infants that Kim and Kanye took pictures of? Were they available on a website called The point that made in the end is shows that it doesn’t really matter. As they point out, most newborns look suspiciously alike.

Most babies have the same scrunched up face, fuzzy hair (or lack of) and they all look shellshocked. (As would you if you’d gone through what they have.) It is my humble opinion that any baby picture of newborns are a waste of film except for the proud parents who know that little scrunched up face is their baby’s face.

What is interesting about the whole fake baby ruse is that neither Kim nor TMZ have pointed any fingers at anyone who peddled the two fake pictures. In that case, it doesn’t seem to have helped Kim to find out who sold her out. You can be sure that TMZ isn’t going to tell, you’ve got to protect your sources in this business.

And speaking of photographs, what about reports of Kanye saying that a sex tape he made last year with an “unidentified woman” that he nearly leaked himself, would be preferable to some of the pictures that the paparazzi have taken of him?

Allegedly, Kanye seems to think that the sex tape would win him a legion of new fans. Interesting. Presumably, he doesn’t get all flighty in the video like he did when head-butting a sign on the sidewalk. According to the pornography loving rapper, he feels that, “For the most part, I’d rather people have one of those home videos than some of the paparazzi photos that get published.”

It has definitely been an interesting week for Kanye and Kim. Kim Kardashian with her fake baby photos. Kanye with his almost leaked sex tape and poor baby North. Luckily for her Mom and Dad weren’t huge Alfred Hitchcock fans or the baby’s name would have been North by North West.

By Michael Smith


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