Human Penis Upgrade

Human Penis Upgrade
It seems the news has taken an interest in the male genitals today as reports of a man high on mushrooms tried to rip his off. There is no need to sever this most important human organ -keep the penis -but upgrade it! I cannot help, with hype directed in this area, to take the opportunity to emphasize a more elevated penis dialogue and point out the perhaps ‘more true’ meaning of the human genitals.  For in this day and age I believe it is high time that we take our minds out of the ‘gutter’ so to speak and bring them up to a level of higher potential available to all of us, whether we are male or female.

In ancient India, the phallus is a symbol of dormant universal consciousness and the “potentiality of unmanifest ingredients in the material world.”  In simpler terms, this could be recognized as the potential to create another human, which is absolutely true, as we all know.  But there is something deeper here worth exploring, as the male and female reproductive organs have the potency to create – period.  This means creating human life, as it is not yet, as well as creating more within the lives of those who already exist.

We have been kept in a lower domain than is our potential, according to many traditions.  The ‘lower regions’, most specifically the male and female genitals, have held our attention generally isolated and directed in their base expression – raw sexuality.  Now, there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with this expression and it is certainly one of the ways humans can use the energy available through this powerful center, yet there is more.

The female genitals (also called the ‘yoni’) represent ‘the manifest universe’ as the male(lingam) represents ‘the unmanifest.’  Together, whether within a single person, or by the joining together of two (masculine and feminine) these opposing energies combine for the express purpose of creation.  Many of you are going to jump all over this one as the meaning behind religious law condoning sexuality for procreation purposes, but just hold on a moment.  Though this is one way and one means to express this energy, the eternal and cosmic implications of this are much broader and could point to the very nature of the universe itself.

The Chakras

Before going deeper, we take a look at the human energy system as explained by the yogic system – known as chakras.  Chakras are ‘whirling vortexes of energy‘ located around the body, and most powerfully in at least 7 major regions along the spinal cord.  These areas are like nerve plexuses, though they are energetic instead of physical and can be detected today using kirlian photography.  Each chakra is said to correlate to a ‘level’ of consciousness, starting at the base and working upward.  The base or root chakra is centered on survival, safety and basic instincts.  This base chakra is the highest chakra found in animal life (at this point) and explains the basic mechanisms of animal instincts.

The second chakra is located around the mid-pelvic region and is associated with sexual urges, satisfaction and the fulfillment of desire.  This is the chakra normally active in a sexually oriented person.  Much of the sexuality displayed in advertising and in movies is second chakra ruled, and contains only the most raw, pleasure oriented sensations and urges.

The third chakra(in the naval) takes one up to the consciousness of self-empowerment, creativity and release of fears. The fourth chakra(in the heart) is focused on unconditional love, healing and heart-centered living.  As we move up to the throat – or 5th chakra, one’s consciousness focuses on speaking personal truths and communication at a heart level.  The third eye represents the 6th chakra, and beginning to look at things from a non-dual perspective.  The seventh chakra, at the top of the head is thought to connect one with universal consciousness and the knowing that all is connected.

Expressing Higher Potentiality

The amazing thing about the chakras or energy systems in the body, is they do not function separately, only at first.  There will be times, early in ones evolution, that different chakras will activate for short times – giving you glimpses into higher potentialities.  Ideally, all the chakras become active in the awake and ‘aware’ person.  All the qualities begin to merge and the second chakra begins to function, not as an isolated sensation of craving sexuality and interest in things of a sexual nature, but instead – with the higher awareness that merging with another human being connects you to an elevated experience of who you really are – showing you the creative, healing, truthful expression of non-dual existence as part of the cosmic whole.  In the highest sense, male and female intercourse – however it is expressed (within the self or with another who reflects your ‘opposite’) you are tapping the divine purpose of the unmanifest merging with the manifest.  According to ancient traditions, this is the energy by which the entire cosmos was created and continues to be created through.

Before this cosmic state is realized, the tendency of being ‘ruled’ by one’s genitals can seem burdensome and even undesirable in many people, causing one to want to ‘rip it off’ or disconnect from them.  Different spiritual paths have even condoned and suggested celibacy in attempts to ‘rise above’ the lower nature to contact the higher mind.  The truth is, we are sexual beings with bodies and genitals.  We are not necessarily meant to transcend our vehicles, just the lower, animal expression of them.  In an awake or realized being who is living from all of their energy centers at once – sexuality becomes a natural and beautiful part of the whole person and is not sought after for gratification or simple pleasure, but is instead one of the beautiful culminating experiences of bliss already known within.

Contemplating the Groin

When contemplating the male penis, or any other body part, it is crucial to look at the reason why we do this and why we are so fascinated by such talk.  Are we stuck in the lower interpretation and expression of ourselves?  Have we yet to become a ‘whole person’ in an elevated society of ‘whole people?’  And if so, how can we raise our awareness beyond the belt line and begin to see sexuality as a beautiful part of the whole and not the focal point of life?  As we evolve our consciousness and begin to express as the creative, cosmic beings we are, we will be less likely to want to ‘cut ourselves off’ – literally or figuratively – and more apt to learn how to express in a way that speaks to the masterfully creative beings we have the potential to be – as suggested by the ‘law of attraction.’

As I mentioned earlier, sexuality can create in ways other than the production of more people, though people-creating is a beautiful thing.  Learning to direct the energy of the body and second chakra toward the goals and experiences you would like to express gives new meaning to the act.  Imagine if every time you engaged in sex you saw it as an opportunity to create a whole new universe for yourself.  What if sex was approached as such? Would we begin to live more consciously and respectfully? Would we honor more, a space that held so much potential? This is my sincere hope and challenge to readers today – to upgrade the penis dialogue and see through eyes of evolved and whole human beings, not just urges with genitals.

I explore this deeper in Create Your Life (not just babies): Embracing Sexual Empowerment.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: ShivaLingam What it is; Kirlian Photography ; Chaos and Complexity, Magic and Mystery – Chakras Explored; Create Your Life (not just babies)

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