Kim Kardashian is having a girl

They are both over the moon with the baby girl

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby

Kim Kardashian finally revealed, through her mother, today that she is having a girl. Kris Jenner made this public by announcing the gender during the baby shower speech, Kanye West must be thrilled. The whole revealing and shin dig will be broadcast on their own show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We can imagine that they are both over the moon with the fact that they are going to have a girl.

Before we got to learn about this exciting news, the baby shower had to take place. Many people had dubbed this party: the baby shower of the year. There were flowers in abundance, gorgeous table settings, and the red carpet waited for all the celebrities to arrive and give even more cachet to this upscale bash. Of course the rich, and famous had to wait like you, and me to find out if the baby was going to be a baby girl or boy. In the end the ones who had placed their bets on the baby being a girl, turned out to be right. No information was given if any celebrities actually placed any bets, and who had won.

Almost the whole Kardashian family decided to wear white. As is apparent with this color, it doesn’t make anybody look any slimmer. Why they decided to go with this color is a bit of a mystery. However most sisters looked lovely, and some had even adorned their heads with sweet daisies, and others overused lace. Kim looked to be cloud nine instead of being on it. (Which she probably was. It’s also probably not the fault of the white color that she looked so big but more of that of her baby girl)

Khloe looked much fitter and toner than she had looked previously. This can be attributed to the fact that she recently lost 30lbs. Khloe of course was also in line with the white color theme, and was wearing a dress that didn’t do her any favors. (It was a tulip style skirt which made her hips look bigger. The gold belt was a well chosen accessory.) After a while of hopping along in very high heels she decided the party would be more fun, and probably a tat more enjoyable if she kicked of her shoes, and just frolicked around the huge garden barefoot.

No doubt the whole Kardashian clan had known all along that Kim is having a girl Kendall Jenner had decided that she wouldn’t follow the color theme and went with baby blue which had been a ploy to throw of the reporters and their never ending need to know about the baby’s gender. Apart from the delicious food, which Kendall couldn’t resist to share on her Twitter account, there were also a lot of celebrities in attendance.

Kelly Osbourne was among them. Showing of her Bridget Jones type undergarment. The whole combination of blouse tucked into jeans skirt might not have won over every fashion police officer that was in attendance. (Mainly the whole Kardashian clan.) While Kelly was busy waiting to hear if Kim was having a baby girl, the other famous guest were standing around, mostly, awkwardly.

Maria Menounos spent most of her time talking to her mother Litsa, while trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson just looked awkward to be out of her work out gear, and into a dress. Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta had chosen a very special brown dress with a bit of an odd green trim, and Kimberly Stewart was wearing a plant printed dres,s and probably wished she was somewhere else.

For some reason Mel B, ex Spice Girl, had also turned up to hear all about Kim Kardashian having a baby girl Kim is probably relieved that finally the news is out there.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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