Kim Kardashian no baby proof house

My girl won't walk until she's two

Kim Kardashian no baby proof house

Kim Kardashian no baby proof house – After the news hit this past Sunday that Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West, Kimye’s baby, is going to be a girl, nobody could stop talking about it. Well actually, surprisingly enough almost nobody cares which gender the baby is going to be. The reason might be that we all could have imagined the sex of the baby. (Pink cupcakes, balloons, Kendall Jenner in baby blue- an obvious ploy for attention- and Kris Jenner giving a tipsy toast about how happy she is with another girl in the family.) Still Kim, Kanye, and Kimye the baby are in the news all the time, why?

Well Miss Kardashian made some strange statements the past weekend, which were not even related to the gender of the baby. She talked about how she would like to eat the placenta of her baby girl, once the baby had arrived. (These practices of ingesting placenta is nothing new, or really shocking. It’s not even worth to get your knickers in a bunch, either way.

Pro or con, Kim only said it, so we would get on our hind legs.) Kim also revealed that she would have no, baby proof house. Does she hate her baby girl already? Does she blame the baby for her weight gain? Does Kardashian feel like baby proofing ones house, is a luxury she can’t afford? Her reasoning was simple: baby’s don’t walk until they are two years old. So, no need to baby proof anything before that time.

Big mistake! As all mothers know, and people who can read books, search the Internet, or ask their mothers; baby proofing starts at a very early stage. Nobody waits until the child can walk to make sure they don’t bump into things. It’s also quite naive to think that only when the child can walk, he/she will get into trouble. Obviously when a baby starts to crawl, Kim should have her house baby-proofed. No one waits for the child to walk, to take safety into consideration.

Most parents start baby-proofing their house, before their baby is born, or at least when the baby starts to roll from one side to the other. (Rolling sounds harmless but the baby is considered as “on the move,”  and might get into some serious trouble.) This rolling process can start around 4 months, and really be dynamic around 6 months. So Kim should get on top of this baby proof thing as soon as possible. It’s no excuse to say that she wants to wait until her daughter can walk. It’s very strange that the Kardashian clan is not jumping in and helping her out.

It also makes you wonder if Kourtney Kardashian, the sister who already has two children, baby-proofed her house at the time, and why she isn’t imparting that wisdom on Kim. Did they think it was just a joke, from the new mommy to be, and that of course they will hire a team of experts to baby-proof the house for them? (Because let’s not pretend that the Kardashian family will do their own baby-proofing, right? No true Kardashian does that.) What do you think? Is this a big issue or should we all relax and wait for the next episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians?

By Georgina Pijttersen


6 Responses to "Kim Kardashian no baby proof house"

  1. Leigh   June 30, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Kim I think you to worried about this child she just likew everybody else so don’t be like that just take 2 chill pills and chill Call Me at 0834557535

  2. Tom   June 5, 2013 at 3:15 am

    Two on one attention from nannys might eliminate the need for child proofing. I would instead worry about this girl killing herself when she’s 6 and finds out who her mom and dad are

  3. Dorothy Dohner   June 4, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Do you really think she is even going to be a hands on mom. This child is going to have to make an appointment if wants to see its mom. She going to think the nanny or cook are mommy

  4. Biker Fellow   June 4, 2013 at 5:02 am

    (sigh) Who cares?


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