Kim Kardashian uses social media to show her love is real

It might be staged and a bit insincere

Kim Kardashian social media

Tomorrow will be another day, that a lot of Kardashian haters, and lovers will be glued to their television set.Keeping up with the Kardashians” will continue, and we can only speculate what they will show us this time. Might their be some commentary on the weight gain of their brother? For sure there will be a lot of talk about the baby that is ready to come out, and show the world that the Kardashian clan can add new girly drama to the already dominated by females, Kardashian clan. However today was the day that Kim decided to use social media to show her love for Kanye is real. Kim uses social media to lash out to paparazzi, talk about her weight, including her sisters, and now also to wish her beau a happy birthday.

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate, and sincere if she had declared her love for Kanye in private? Did she have to show the world the collage she made of the happy couple being super happy together? Even though some of the photos seemed a bit awkward, and staged. In addition Kanye has sometimes trouble smiling for the camera, it’s not clear if he feels like it’s a too intimate moment to share, or that he’s not comfortable sharing every imaginable moment with the camera.

Have you ever declared your love using social media? Isn’t that something you do when the other person is far away, and you want them to feel loved? It is sweet in itself that she is so happy that she doesn’t mind that the whole world knows that Kanye is the love of her life, best friend, her soul, and that she loves him beyond words. It might have been Kim Kardashian’s intention to use social media to show her love for him is real, but for most of us, it seems a bit too much. She uses this social tool as an expert, and she might have alterior motives to do so.

The reason why most people have their doubts about her love being real, is because there was the marriage of 72 days. Kris Humpries probably believed that he was Kim’s love of her life as well. He didn’t put up a fight for nothing, when Kim decided to file for divorce. During a 9 hour deposition where Kim had to refute the claims of Kris Humpries, he said that the marriage was fraudulent, and that Kim had gone through with it only for the cash, she continued saying that she had really loved Kris, and that it had nothing to do with her reality show. Apparently her words were so convincing that in the end the divorce came through.

It might be best to consider everything Kim Kardashian says, and claims with a grain of salt. It probably is true that right now she feels like her love for Kanye is real, and that she wanted to show this by using social media instead of a nice warm gesture behind closed doors. She uses her fame as best as she possibly can, and right now that meant sharing romantic pictures with all of us. Let’s hope Kanye had a nice birthday and that we might see tomorrow on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” the romantic gesture that proves her love is real.

By Georgina Pijttersen

source perez hilton