Simon Cowell Gets Egged On BGT on English Television Live (Video)

Simon Cowell gets egged on English TV
Simon Cowell; the man behind X Factor, American Idol, Pop Idol and Britain’s Got Talent got egged yesterday on Live television on the English channel ITV. The mystery woman pelted Simon with eggs during the show’s finale.

The woman is allegedly a member of the show’s orchestra and she carried a carton of eggs right onto center stage. Smiling the whole time, the lady in black managed to hit her mark several times before security guards hauled her away.

An unimpressed Cowell was left to pick egg yolks and shell off his jacket. Cowell said on the show, “I sent a tweet out saying I don’t like eggs and I really don’t like eggs now.”

Producers scrambled to hide the attack by switching cameras, but it was too late. Fans immediately took to Twitter to discuss the debacle. A lot of folks thought that it was some sort of publicity stunt. Others tried to identify the mystery lady.

After the show social media was full of speculation and praise for the egg throwing mystery woman.

One tweet said, “The egg thrower should have won…What an aim!”

Another tweet said, “Egg girl is a legend!”

Fellow judge Amanda Holden helped Cowell remove his egg-stained jacket. She said while assisting him, “The only person with egg on their face was that stupid cow.” Hosts Ant and Dec assured the audience that the egg attack would be investigated.

The egg thrower’s identity is still unknown. She timed her entrance to coincide with the choir’s appearance on stage. After the show, David Walliams, another of the show’s judges go onto Twitter to guess that the woman was a member of the Britain’s Got Talent string quartet.

The incident happened while contestants Richard and Adam Johnson performed an operatic piece. Incredibly the two brothers never missed a beat or hit a sour note while the mystery woman pelted Simon with eggs non-stop. The “not easily impressed” Cowell, was impressed at Richards and Adam’s coolness while he was under fire.

Cowell said, “I think you could win this competition after that.”

Alas it was not to be, this year’s winner’s turned out to be Attraction, a Hungarian group that use their shadows to tell a story.

But if you look below you can see the apparently happy woman pelted Cowell with eggs on the live show. So Simon Cowell got egged on Britain’s Got Talent on English television live and we’ve got the video to prove it. For all those folks that Simon has upset over the years, enjoy.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Jackie Hitchcock   June 9, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Plublicity stunt big time, she walked on too casually she smiled as she threw eggs and the two guys didn’t but an eyelid. You can’t fool a psychologist.

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