LGBT teens and bullying: “It Gets Better”


Teens today are faced with some tough issues and LGBT teens are bullied to the point where they begin to contemplate suicide. Some actually do commit suicide leaving their families to wonder why.

For many coming out in today’s society is scary because everyone is so quick to judge. Instead of getting to know you and finding common ground. Let’s instead focus on trying to eliminate the hate in this ugly world, cure some deadly diseases or feed some poverty stricken villages. Still, we have too many who find it to be their “right” to judge and belittle LGBT teens and the LGBT community.

Making it tough on teens to come out because mom and dad will disown them or face ridicule at school. However, the LGBT community have come along way and now have more resources in helping teens who are struggling with their sexuality. Almost every state in this great nation has some type of LGBT alliance or center that is connected to the Human Rights Campaign (

Today’s bullies need to be dealt with and not just with some slap on the wrist. This is a person’s life we are dealing with here. These teens did not choose to be gay but were born gay. Just as the gifted kids didn’t choose to be smart but were born with their intellect. Parents of these bullies and the bullies themselves should be forced to take sensitivity classes even stepping into the shoes of those they bully. Maybe then they will see how hurtful their words and actions really are.

Being gay isn’t a choice and unfortunately for many gay teens they never get to see their high school graduation, or that it does get better after high school. Instead the bullies continue to win and instead of unifying together with other gay & lesbian teens and forming support groups these teens end their lives and hurt their loved ones. Loved ones who never knew they were hurting.

For all that are contemplating suicide or have, please think of your family who love you. High school is only four years and before you know it, you will be graduating. Also, find a trusted mentor and talk it out, suicide is not the answer and it does get better!

“It Gets Better” – A Coming Out Story:

Everyone has a coming out story and not all are the same. Some come out at an early age while some may come out later in life. Different circumstances lead to different reasons on why some come out and others do not. Also, some resort to living the straight life because of their family and others around them. For myself this is true, to my family I played it straight but around my closest friends and co-workers I was me, an out lesbian but it was not always this easy for me. As a kid I was teased, mainly because I was a tomboy, I never dressed like a girl or hung out with my female classmates. At one point in my childhood I did try the makeup and went through a temporary “girlie” stage. However, I quickly learned that, that was not me in fact I was the most uncomfortable. I enjoyed wearing baggy pants and a T-shirt, playing sports, playing with action figures, boy dolls over girl dolls, remote control cars and hanging with the boys.
That was who I was and still to this day who I am. My family never questioned or made fun, though I am sure my mom might of wished differently for me. Still she never tried to change me or bothered me about it. It was only the kids at school who gave me the hardest time about my image.

Then came high school and my confidence peaking my junior year. Yes I was insecure my first two years of high school, I also experienced my first female crush my freshman year.
Leading me to ask my mom about a sex change because the girl I liked I wanted to date. For me there was no LGBT alliance or anyone to talk too about these feelings. So I hid them and kept my secret crush just that as I played along with having male crushes on male celebrities. Yes i had the posters of Backstreet Boys, Immature and pictures of David Beckham but I also had a poster of Janet Jackson, a sensual one at that. It was the center piece of my wall in my room.

Growing up I posted my favorite male celebrities on my wall but now when I look back I realize I wanted to be like them more than date them.

Still, and with my first girl crush, I battled with these feelings, these feelings I had for the same sex and never had for the opposite sex but as I grew older I begin to accept these feelings. I made friends within the LGBT community, which made me more comfortable in my own skin and some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

So to those struggling with their sexuality, don’t give up, suicide is not the answer. Find someone you trust and can talk to because it does get better.

“We all we got!” – Studology

-Kelly J Newson

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