Mario Williams Kill’em or Hurt’em Defensive Philosophy

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams made some comments this weeks that drew some attention
Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams made some comments this weeks that drew some attention

It’s Only Words People

Ever since word broke out about the New Orleans Saints bounty program people have been sensitive about certain words. That was the case Thursday when Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams when he used some words that drew people’s attention. The fact of the matter is its only words people!

On Thursday Williams used the words “kill’em or hurt’em” to describe new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s defensive philosophy. That has a no-no since a recording of a pregame speech be former Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams came to light during the Bounty Scandal.

The fact of the matter is it really pisses me how people react when they hear this, because it’s just words people.

Remember when we were kids and someone would call you a name. You then would sometimes reply, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Seriously what happened to that, because as of late it’s been, “Sticks and stones will break my bones and names will always hurt me.”

When I strapped football pads on for the first time at 13-years-old in 1992, I knew by the time I walked away from the game I wouldn’t be the same. I knew that I was going to possibly break a bone, dislocate a joint or even tear my anterior cruciate ligament, but that didn’t matter.”

The reason is simple. It’s tackle football!

What do you think is going to happen when two people are about to collide? No, they aren’t going to stop and play patty cake with each other. What they are going to do is that each person is going to try to obliterate the other player to accomplish what they need to.

A running back or wide receiver is going to lower the shoulder, so that way the defender cannot get a good shot on him. The reason is so that the offensive player can fall forward and gain additional yards, especially if he needs a first down.

The defender on the other hand is trying to do the complete opposite.  The defender is trying to hit the offensive player so hard that they won’t fall forward and instead will fall backwards. That way the offensive player doesn’t score a touchdown or gets a first down.

Football is a game of inches, because all it takes to get a first down or touchdown is for the nose of the football to be on the goal line or over the yard stick to accomplish that.

Several times I have seen offenses come up an inch short of a first down on third down. The offense will then go for it on fourth down as they need it for a chance to win or tie, but come up short due to the defense.

So, in order to accomplish these goals you have to use every means necessary.

NFL players over the years have realized psychology plays a huge part in the game. The reason is that if a player hesitates just for one second they may not accomplish their goal. That is why you see players swearing, trash talking out on the football field and throwing around phrases like kill’em or hurt’em.

It’s all in order to gain a psychological advantage.

Player’s don’t really want to kill people or even inflict long term injuries on other players. All players want to do is hit the other hard enough to knock him out of the remainder of the game.

So, remember next time you hear this that it’s only words people.

By: Paul Kasprzak

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  1. Dee   June 15, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    I agree 100% football is and has always been a violent sport. Even before the bounty situation its always been a defenders intentions to inflict pain and intimidate. But when you put that action into words all of a sudden people are offended. Deacon Jones openly said he was trying to hurt the opposing player when he got his hands on him. The man is a HoF. But now we live in a society of bigotry and people who are so sensitive that you can’t be honest without backlash. I love what Williams said and I wish I could hear more of it.


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