Selena Gomez Nude on Screen?

Selena Gomez Nude?

Selena Gomez nude on screen? Well, according to the experts that might just be coming to a cinema screen near you pretty quickly. “Experts” have said that if Selena does take it all off for a movie role, which was reported earlier by as an exclusive report as a definite possibility; it will go one of two ways.

She will either successfully throw off the shackles of childhood which she has been almost desperate to do, or it will be a horrible mistake. An expert told that as long as she picks the right role, going nude should help her progress as an actress.

The 20 year-old Gomez began her “grown up” campaign earlier this year by taking a role risque film, Spring Breakers. But Selena’s character wasn’t a naughty girl in the film, her character was a “goody-goody” who leaves the party early. Justin Bieber’s ex has got a long way to go, with a lot less clothes on if she wants Hollywood to believe that she’s left the Barbie dolls behind.

An image consultant was quoted by as saying that a full nude or topless scene could help Selena, and that if she pics the right part, would not necessarily hurt her image. a

Ray Manzella, a Hollywood talent manager and image consultant said, “I don’t feel it would hurt her career. She clearly wants to go in a more adult direction and doing a well-chosen, properly planned topless scene, or even a tasteful pictorial, would certainly announce to the world that she’s grown up. I don’t believe society would fault her for it.”

Manzella says that Selena Gomez’s choice to go nude onscreen totally comes down to the direction she wants to take her career. But he is quick to point out that he doesn’t think that a nude Selena Gomez is necessary. He said, “Selena’s so young and already has such a big career, she certainly doesn’t need to do nudity to increase her fame.”

Ray said that the nude scene would have to be primarily for artistic reasons.

Selena herself has said that she is perfectly prepared to “bare all” for the sake of taking her career in a more adult direction. She feels that she has outgrown the young girl parts and wants to move on. She seems pretty serious about the growing up.

She’s already dumped the immature Justin Bieber and expressed an interest in doing more grown-up films. She may be young, but that didn’t stop her from getting voted the second most sexy miss in the world, right after the equally young Miley Cyrus.

A source close to Gomez has said that the 20 year-old actress wants to push her boundaries as an actress. the source said, “Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself from her Disney past, she has no problem going topless if a role calls for it.”

The same source went on to say that Selena would only go bare for the right role. the source said, “Without a doubt, Selena would go topless in a film if the role was right.”

In a sense the 20 year-old has already been seen nude by the public, the same sculptor who did a pregnant nude Kim Kardashian statue also did one of Selena Gomez. The controversial artist Daniel Edwards, who did the nude Kim, did a “near” nude bronze of Gomez and Justin Bieber as a couple. The piece of art is on display at a Dallas “adult” store, if you are interested. But Selena reportedly has no problem being nude on screen, we’ll just wait to see if she actually does it.

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