Media Failed to Understand First Egyptian Revolt, Tries to Ignore Second

Egyptian protesters

Egyptian protesters

With each passing week, it becomes more difficult to understand why any intelligent American would waste their time following the so-called ‘mainstream’ media. At almost every turn, they are either completely wrong or willfully deceptive. An entire website could be devoted to the failures and lies of CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. Indeed, many are. Having completely failed to understand the first Egyptian revolt that propelled the Muslim Brotherhood to power, the US media now desperately tries to ignore the second revolt, currently taking place.

In January of 2011, CNN published an article on their website, dedicated to refuting the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood would not gain control in Egypt. The title of this article alone, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: A force to be feared?, demonstrated how little CNN understood the Islamist movement that was on the verge of taking over. The focus of this particular piece was the views of Egyptian academic and analyst Mustafa Abulhimal, who displayed either a complete lack of knowledge, regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda, or was deliberately downplaying the organization’s lust for power. “Analyst Abulhimal is convinced,” CNN reported, “Egyptians would not let the Muslim Brotherhood seize power — not least because the military would stand in its way.” This was followed up by a quote from Abulhimal himself: “Neither the people nor the secular leaders would allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take it, and more importantly the army would never allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take it,” he said. “If the army said, ‘We would support the people in the street and we would have a deal with President Mubarak to have an orderly transition,’ as the Americans said yesterday — this would definitely not include the Muslim Brotherhood.”

In December of the same year, CNN published another piece, which included the following statement: “The movement is well entrenched in mainstream Egyptian politics. Its leaders do not appear to be wild-eyed fanatics. Most are highly educated — doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, and businessmen — and come from solidly middle-class backgrounds.” Although right about the educational background, CNN, clearly, did not understand – or, more likely, choose to deliberately ignore the fact – that the movement is, indeed, driven by “wild-eyed fanatics”, and always has been.

The Weekly Standard – a virtual Republican Party propaganda outlet that masquerades, laughingly, as a Conservative publication, led by the ever-clueless Bill Krystol – went to great lengths to poo-poo the idea of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt; In February of 2011, it published an article entitled Fears of a Muslim Brotherhood Takeover are Overblown. Around the same time, Weekly Standard Editor Krystol was bloviating on Fox News about the idea of the Brotherhood coming to power in Egypt being delusional.

The Reuters news agency published an article, in January of 2011, entitled Egypt’s Brotherhood is no threat to West: Islamist. The fact that Reuters chose to take seriously the word of an Islamist shows either incredible gullibility or a willingness to go along with their agenda – which was always to seize power in Egypt and elsewhere.

On February 9th, 2011, the Time website chose, as it’s Quote of the Day, these words from Mohammed Morsi: “The Muslim Brotherhood are not seeking power.”

Certain Right-leaning media sources – such as Fox News and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze – were, in the meantime, being lambasted by the Left for “fear-mongering”, regarding their warnings that the Muslim Brotherhood would not only gain power in Egypt, but would steer the nation towards totalitarian Islamist rule, once it had done so. One of the extremely few voices of sanity on the Left seemed to be a writer for the Daily Beast; a very smart individual, who has consistently demonstrated her willingness to seek the truth and then defend it stubbornly. Kirsten Powers, in February 2011, wrote an article , entitled “America’s Naivete About Egypt”, that began “Don’t buy the hype about the moderate Muslim Brotherhood. Kirsten Powers on why the U.S. should worry about the rise of an Islamic power in Cairo.”

As the unease that many Egyptians have felt, since Morsi became President, boils over into full-blown civil unrest, the mainstream media, having completely failed to understand the nature of the first Egyptian revolt,  chose to do their best to ignore the scale of the current protests. Not to say that there has been no reporting on the situation, but, even now, with hundreds of thousands in the streets as part of this weekend’s massive demonstrations, only the foreign press has felt compelled to acknowledge the serious nature of the discontent which most Egyptians feel towards the Morsi regime. US media reports of these events are few and far between; proving, once again, that the mainstream media takes its orders from the White House.

The secularist Mubarak government, although not – by any means – a benign and democratic institution, allowed Egyptians a level of personal freedom that is now in danger. The women of Egypt, in particular, face a future without any of the civil liberties they once enjoyed, should the Brotherhood maintain its grip over Egypt.

Having enthusiastically supported the uprising against Mubarak, the Obama administration now seems, suddenly, to be far less concerned with the wishes of the Egyptian people. Sparking outrage last week, the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, said “Some say that street action will produce better results than elections. To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical.” Speaking at a seminar organized by a Cairo research center, she went on to say “Egypt needs stability to get its economic house in order, and more violence on the streets will do little more than add new names to the lists of martyrs.” Reports are emerging that the US is supplying anti-riot equipment to the Muslim Brotherhood government and that US troops may even be sent to assist with the suppression of the anti-Morsi protests.

Should the Egyptian government resort to force against its opponents, resulting in mass casualties and brutal repression, the administration will find itself on the wrong side of history and will be held fully accountable by the Egyptian people and the Conservative ‘alternative’ media in the US, which grows – almost daily – in influence. The coming days and weeks will reveal the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions in Egypt and the region. While the American media sits idly by and the Obama regime aligns itself with Anti-American Islamists, Egypt may be witnessing a true Arab Spring, in which both despotism and theocracy are rejected.

Graham J Noble

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  1. Right on what they also like to ignore is that Egyptians ar fiercely nationalistic and moderate. They are very united despite alllllllll the attempts at dividing us. They have no allegiance to any one but Egypt.

  2. What’s not being reported by any media, conservative or liberal, is that alcohol was the main issue that sparked this latest Egyptian freedom movement surge. Anti-prohibition and social liberties in general fits nobody’s agenda, with the sole exception of right-libertarians (Palin, libertarian Republicans, Rand Paul, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, It’s a lonely part of the political spectrum that routinely gets ignored: Those who oppose Sharia Law and Islam precisely because of the repression of civil and social liberties.

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