Another Patriot Speaks on Hernandez

Deion Branch has joined Matt Light as the only former Patriots teammates of Aaron Hernandez to speak out on the former tight end.
Deion Branch has joined Matt Light as the only former Patriots teammates of Aaron Hernandez to speak out on the former tight end.

Deion Branch, a former New England Patriots wide receiver, has become the second former teammate of Aaron Hernandez to comment about the former star tight end. Earlier in the week, lineman Matt Light shared his feelings towards his former tight end.

Deion Branch reported that he “shocked” by the allegations against former Patriot Aaron Hernandez. He was quoted by the Albany Herald at his eighth annual Skills and Drills camp at Albany State University. He gave what could be considered a a relatively shocking series of statements, considering all of the evidence that has thus far piled up against Aaron Hernandez.

As someone who potentially would have had more opportunities to establish a relationship with Hernandez, Deion Branch was not only a teammate of the former tight ends while with the Patriots, but actually lived across the street from him in North Attleborough.

The former Patriot receiver began by saying that “Aaron is a great guy and a great friend of mine and a great teammate,” Branch told the newspaper. “I love him to death, and it was shocking to hear his name involved in this situation. I truly hope and pray he doesn’t have any dealings with it.”

Furthering his support for his legally embattled teammate, the former Patriot said “That’s my guy, man” while speaking about Hernandez. “That’s my guy. It really shocked me. He was a great kid. Overall, I hope the best that he isn’t involved with it and I hope he gets his name cleared, but most importantly I send my prayers and condolences out to the Lloyd family.”

Not taking the situation lightly, the former Patriots receiver made it a point to give his condolences to the victim, Odin Lloyd, and his family, as well as his hope for justice in the investigation. “Nobody deserves to walk, whoever the person is that did it. Most of all what we as Americans need to understand is that is somebody’s child that was a victim. That’s somebody’s dad, and my prayers and thoughts go out to his family and hope that they bring whoever did this to their child to justice, regardless of who it is.”

Hernandez has been charged with murder in the death of Odin Lloyd, and has entered a plea of not guilty.

Not every former Patriots teammate of Hernandez is as supportive as Deion Branch however. Former Patriot lineman Matt Light is the only other Patriot to speak out since the investigation started, and his view comes in stark contrast to that of Branch.

In a comment with the Dayton Ohio Daily News, Light said that“I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced — never believed in — anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.” According to the story the former Patriot lineman said that Hernandez always seemed to have his own agenda, and that he didn’t feel it was a good one.

The New England Patriots have historically been a tight lipped team with the media under Bill Belichick, so it should come as no surprise that the only players to come forward and speak on the Aaron Hernandez situation are players that are no longer with the team.

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