Microsoft Bring the goods to E3?

Microsoft Bring the goods to E3?

As we all know that there was a pessimistic outlook on the Xbox one, the main reason for that was there was too much emphasis on television rather than the gaming aspect of their new console. Sony’s press conference was more substantial in the way of the gaming aspect, but they stray off a bit with the share button but besides that they mainly focused on the gaming, which is what a game console is supposed to do.

Let’s not forget about the prices that were spot on Amazon UK of each game costing £89.99 which is about $135-$140, I hope that is not the case because that will completely destroy themselves.

What I could tell when I watch the reveal event when they showed the games was that two of publishers that came were just showing ports that are already coming to the current generation, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fifa Soccer 14 and Madden.

The only one that wasn’t a port was Forza motor-sport 5, which looked by the trailer a full motion video, but they did claim it was game-play so who knows maybe they will show more off in the weeks to come.

Microsoft claim that they will have fifteen exclusives for the console and eight of them to be eight brand new intellectual properties, the question is, do we want another Halo? Do we want another Gears of War? Maybe they do need those franchises to surface to sell the console, but in my opinion I am getting a bit bored of them and I think the fans are as well.

Rumors has that Rare ltd are bringing back an old intellectual property, are we going to get a new Killer Instinct? Or are we going to have favorite shooter Perfect Dark done right this time? Who knows, but I think that they may need to show something new at E3 if they are going to win their loyal customer base and they may even surprise us.

The console is not out yet so people can’t speculate too much because maybe over the course of the months they may change some major aspects of the console, such as keeping the same price as the games are in this current generation, and maybe it will be more powerful than a gaming PC, which seems doubtful but who knows. Let’s just wait and see until E3 and when the product actually comes out.

Written By: Samuel Coles

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