The morning after-pill is a bad idea for 15-year-old, or is it?

The morning after-pill is a bad idea for 15-year-old, or is it?

The Obama administration has filed an appeal, to delay the sale of the morning after pill, you know the one that you sometimes had to buy after the walk of shame, that can be sold to any girl of any age without a prescription.

I remember what happened to me vividly. I was 15-years-old, watched a lot of romantic movies and I actually believed that “Some day my prince would come.”

I was quite naive and I could blame my parents for that or even Hollywood but in the end it were my actions that let me to having sex at an early age and wondering if the condom had broken or if it had worked properly. In addition to obsessing about why the “Prince” in question didn’t call or even knew/cared about the predicament I found my self in.

I was going crazy, I wanted to run away from home, stab something in my stomach or swallow a bag full of pills. I couldn’t face my parents, I knew that they would be devastated and I all so knew that my life would change forever. No college, no more fun times and forget about those nasty boys who might put an unwanted bun in your oven. Lets all so not forget this so called bun and what the implications for this precious new life would have been. I had no education, no money and was living with my parents and I had been so thoughtful and responsible to have sex and maybe get myself knocked up without any bright future shining in my face.

Luckily my Best Friend told me about the possibility of the morning after pill. I was still on time and I felt no side effects. To this day I remember the incident and the things people told me “if you didn’t feel anything weird then you weren’t pregnant.”

Of course any age before 18 is to young to have sex but we do it anyway because we think “it feels right” or “I don’t wanna lose him” or “I saw Miley Cyrus talking about it on TV.”

However the repercussions are to severe if something goes wrong either in reality or in some frustrated-panicked-out-of-their-skull tween.

Therefore I hope the Obama administration doesn’t get what they want and girls can choose whichever route they think would be the best for them.

Because in the end it isn’t worth losing your sanity or life over.

Written By: Georgina Pijttersen

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