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The Miley Cyrus song and video We Can’t Stop is controversial and, according to some people, crosses over the boundaries of common decency into raunchiness. That makes it just the perfect sort of song to have a parody made of it, which has cleverly been done in the video entitled We Can Bark, which you can view below, along with the original.

We Can Bark is a more kid-friendly version of Miley’s song. Cute puppies star in the video, and they do what Miley and her friends do in We Can’t Stop, like brushing hair, lying on the floor, eating a sandwich of money and turning food into a skull. Nothing says good, wholesome, clean fun like puppies which have been made to behave like humans.

What else do the puppies do in We Can Bark?

In the parody video We Can Bark, puppies with teddy bears strapped to their backs dance with their friends, make out with dolls, and party with their buddies in a pool.

No canines were harmed in the filming of the video. One of my favorite dogs in it is Maltey Cyrus. The lyrics are pretty cool, too. The video is pretty much a shot-by-shot recreation of Miley’s crazy video, and a pug even copies Miley making out with a doll.

All of this goes on, while we hear someone in a voice-over sing:

A doggie party/ Dancing with Puppies/ Layin’ wherever we please/ This is our bowl/ This is my food/ This is my crate/ And we can bark/ And we will bark.”

The same dogs in We Can Bark have already become famous for having appeared in other parodies of videos, like Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe, Got ye’s Somebody That I Used to Know, and Rihanna’s

Despite what many people say who think that the music video for We Can’t Stop is too raunchy, Miley doesn’t think so.

She recently voiced her own feelings about her music video, saying:

For me, I was excited when the song came out, but I really wanted the music video to come because it shows exactly where I was at that time in my life, when we started working on ‘We Can’t Stop’.

“The video’s based off true events. Some funny things have gone down in my life, so it’s just been great, letting people see that- not just the glammed up beauty shot girl because that’s not who I am.”

The Miley Cyrus video parody We Can Bark just might have you howling with laughter. Check it out below, along with Miley’s original video of We Can’t Stop. Please tell me which one of the two you like best in the Comments area, and why.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Miley Cyrus Sings “We Can’t Stop”

We Can Bark Video

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