Woman In Netherlands Suffers from Foot Orgasm Syndrome


There is a 55-year-old woman known as “Mrs. A” in the Netherlands who suffers from what is an actual disorder, despite its odd-sounding name: Foot Orgasm Syndrome.

Don’t feel jealous if YOU don’t experience orgasms via your feet; instead, like former President Bill Clinton, feel this woman’s pain — that might not be the best word choice — perhaps her embarrassment would be more accurate.

What was it that initiated her experiencing “foot orgasms”?

It’s not something you can try very readily at home, so don’t — Mrs. A started to experience these sensations after she spent few weeks at intensive care where she was undergoing a Sepsis treatment. According to the New York Daily News, she even spent a part of this time in a coma.

And then, when she awoke from the coma, Mrs A began to experience a tingling sensation in her foot. She thought that feeling such a sensation just wasn’t right, not when it came from your foot, at any rate.

According to Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger, a neuropsychiatric from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and one of the study authors, in LiveScience: “She felt terrible about it.”

The woman’s brain wasn’t able to differentiate between the sensations coming from her genitals and her foot. What’s more, she had six of these foot-orgasms, or footgasms, a day.

Waldinger and his fellow researchers said that the nerves of foot and vagina enter the spinal cord at almost the same level. They theorize that the brain must have started treating sensations from the foot as arousal signals.

Though the MRI scans of her brain showed no abnormalities, other tests showed that there were certain differences between nerves of her left and right foot. Electric signals in to her left foot led to her experiencing spontaneous orgasms, according to Livescience.

How does one treat Foot Orgasm Syndrome?

Who knows what the best way is to treat a syndrome that is so rare it likely has never been treated before? The doctors injected anesthesia into one of her spinal nerves.

It was specifically the nerve that receives sensory information from the foot. Surprisingly enough, the remedy to cure the woman’s footgasms worked. They which made the orgasms stopped immediately.

The woman hasn’t had any of those orgasms for eight months now. However, experts say that she might need to return for another dose if the syndrome which made the orgasms occurs again.

Though Mrs. A’s condition is so far the only known case for “foot orgasm syndrome,” researchers believe that there might be other women who have the condition but are too embarrassed to talk about it.

Waldinger told Livescience:

It’s not psychological. It’s a neurological thing – we can explain it, we can treat it.”

Want to learn more about this rare syndrome, or report that you, also, have experienced “foot orgasms”? Then, check out the website that Waldinger and his associates have created to spread awareness of the rare condition.

Want to read their study published in LiveScience? Then, click here.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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