Muslim Convert Threatens to Kill Prince Harry Pleads Guilty:

Prince Harry

A threat to kill Prince Harry,28, was confessed by a Muslim convert just a day after the  brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Ashraf Islam, 30  also known as Mark Townley walked into the Hounslow Police Station on May 23 and made threats that he wanted to kill the third in line to the throne.  Islam carries a possible jail term up to 10 years as he is charged under Section 16 of the Offences against the Person Act.  He pled guilty at London’s Uxbridge Magistrate’s Court.  His sentence will be announced soon.  Morever, Daily Star also said that the confiscated laptop belonging to Islam showed internet searches for guns, kidnappings and worst, terrorist websites.

According to Star, Islam was banned from England and Wales for two years under his former name Mark Townley. He also had notorious records of fraud and theft charges in Northern Ireland and had become “ingratiated” with the Muslim group in 2010.  He said that he changed his name  around the same time he served a  prison sentence in 2011.  Islam is also known for various aliases and has fraud convictions for scams resulting in people losing hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

As uncovered from the online manifesto, Islam promised the Muslims that they will be rewarded with string of virgins if they launched mass killings in Britain, according to Daily Mirror.  He said that “ those who kill Christians would be given a good number of houris ( the virgins) to enjoy.  The prophet also ordered his followers not to befriend Christians or talk with them.  This outburst was written in the headline “ Kill Christians.”  Islam is originally from  Northern Ireland is thought to have been “brainwashed” by preachers when he was locked up in Maghaberry Prison, Lisburn.  During his stay at Maghaberry Prison,  he converted to Islam and donned a long white robe a long beard and a shaven head.

There have been several speculations that Prince Harry or Capt. Wales as he is known in the British Army could be the prime target of the Taliban after he acknowledged that he killed a Taliban while on  tour of duty in Afghanistan as crew member of an Apache attack helicopter.   While Harry was stationed in Camp Bastion, Southern Afghanistan  last year, Taliban insurgents were doing everything to get rid of him.  The Prince had been in Afghanistan twice, in 2008 with the Household Cavalry and with the Army Air Corps last year.

According to Sunday Mirror, a review of Prince Harry’s security was launched in the wake of Drummer Rigby.  A royal source said that, “Prince Harry’s security is constantly reviewed and has been massively step up in the last 10 days.”   The prince is given an extra SAS protection. Harry together with his brother, Prince William are a known supporters of Help for Heroes, a charity for the injured service personnel.

It was further revealed that Islam has no fixed home address but thought to have been living in West London before his arrest.  He had a business before, located  near Kensington Palace, residence of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge where Prince Harry also lives.

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