Nelson Mandela Dead at 94? Update)


Nelson+Mandela.afpSouth Africa – Nelson Mandela remained in hospital for the 19th day since his admission for a recurring lung infection. Speculation surrounding his health continued and now we have been informed that the great man is deceased. Sources said that he was on a life support system and remained in critical condition.  His family was given time to share their loss before the world was informed of his passing. There still has not been any official confirmation the he is deceased.

If the iconic Nelson Mandela died last night, there are speculations that  the government and family intitially did not admit the truth because of the American Present Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to South Africa. President Obama is expected to arrive in South Africa on Friday, and it is an important event for the country. Announcing the death of Nelson Mandela could overshadow this historic visit.

In Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, the home town of Nelson Mandela, his family gathered with the elders to discuss specific events surrounding the well-being of Mandela. They confirmed the meeting was about highly sensitive issues. Nelson Mandela’s grandson stormed out of the meeting over a disagreement of where the former president is to be buried. At the Qunu Mandela burial site, his daughter and other family members were seen visiting the gravesite, but the reason for their visit remained unclear. An intriguing factor is that the daughter had a red blanket over her, and according to the Xhosa people, it is a tribal ceremony for the Xhosa people to cover themselves in red blankets when a family member had died.

Later on during the day, gravediggers arrived at the Mandela burial site, and it was assumed the were preparing for a funeral. Now we believe it was for Nelson Mandela.

The security at the Pretoria hospital remains strong; visitors’ cars are searched to ensure that no unnecessary or unauthorized equipment or people enter the premises. The high contingent of media continues to grow as they waited to hear news of Nelson Mandela’s condition.

As the world waited for confirmation about the truthful condition of Nelson Mandela, the South African people continue to ask if the present government has any integrity. Today, we believe that the former President of South Africa has passed. His family was by his side. Sources tell us the world has lost one of its greatest men.

Written by Laura Oneale

Editor’s note:  Ms. Oneale lives in South Africa.  The following is her most recent correspondence with the Guardian Express:

” I want to say my source is highly recommendable but does not want to be named as he or she would lose her job. He orShe is employed by the government owned TV station. If the paper persists with the story it will uncover the truth that Mandela is dead. Please understand that as soon as the government announces the news the majority of people will take to the streets to mourn his death and the weeping and wailing would be a nightmare, the economy will suffer and the different tribes will make a massive drama about his death. They have different ways of preparing and performing funerals here.

I think some of the bad publicity received is based on jealousy and from support for the Zuma team. And on a lighter note, after he announced that Mandela is improving, the public comments calling him a lair and baring their frustrations at his deceitful manner were far worse than what the Guardian lv received.
Thanks for the support.”


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