Nelson Mandela Twitter frenzy

South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Twitter frenzy continues with the media reports, the twitter tweets and the journalists stationed outside the Pretoria Hospital.

Nelson Mandela was admitted to hospital several hours ago with a recurring lung infection and a Government spokesperson has confirmed that his condition is stable but critical. In a media report, they said he is attended to by the best doctors in the country, and he is comfortable. Mandela is surrounded by his family and wife Graca who left London to be at his side upon hearing the sad news of his ailing health.

The tweets on Twitter vary from requests for healing prayers, to requests for privacy. Mention s of dislikes from selective people have been tweeted, although not too many. Tweets of him being declared dead have emerged. Then the scary mention from black South Africans of how they will take back the land from the whites upon his death, and the tweets of racial disrespect. Many people are tweeting for a speedy recovery and strength for his family. Plenty of loving tweets and admiration shown from thousands of people who will always love and this respect this man, is indeed a sign of his greatness.

The 94-year-old Nelson Mandela has suffered from a persistent lung condition over the past few months had been admitted to hospital three times, and his frail condition is a cause for concern among his family and the South African government.

The thousands of mentions on Twitter and in the media for this man, Nelson Mandela prove once again how revered and loved he is. Mandela is a powerful symbol of peace and unity in a troubled land.
The social network is a place to voice your opinion and share your feelings; it is acceptable for the people to respect and admire this wonderful man. The vast number of people tweeting their get-well wishes and prayers certainly show how much the iconic Nelson Mandela is loved.

The sad side of the social media availability is the people disrespecting this family during a time of great concern. Well this is indeed South Africa and freedom of speech is allowed, and reading the hate tweets and the assumptions that he is dead, cause me to wonder if indeed this rainbow nation will ever live in peace.

Written by Laura Oneale

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  1. tj nicolas   June 8, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    He is a Gerry Adams
    It has suited the world to make him a icon of hope, He was forced to distance himself from Winnie, she was his instrument for 27 years .the icon is DeKlerk. nelson has not delivered anything but communism to Africas best hope , thank you to all concerned .May they take all your mines and other foreign resources aswell.


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