New Google Glass Extremely Dangerous Possibly Deadly


The new Google Glass, a tiny computer people wear on their faces, has been said to pose “extreme dangers” by one high-profile leader in the technology industry, who called for a complete ban on the device except under highly supervised circumstances. Rob Enderle, a well known technology analyst, wrote an article on the benefits of the tiny computer, but in a follow-up article, he has reported that even while keeping those benefits in mind, he recommends severely limiting use of the dangerous new tech toy or, he says, users could face potentially deadly consequences.

“It may be advisable to ban all products in this class from your work site and home except where expressly approved and supervised” he said in his report.  Speaking about use of the glass in a construction or factory environment, he explained-“A crane operator or an employee using hazardous machinery or simply walking around dangerous equipment, if distracted by the glasses at the wrong time, could injure himself or someone else. A glance up at the wrong time while an employee is using a saw could cost the employee his or her fingers or put someone coupling a train in the wrong place at the right time with deadly consequences.”

Enderle also cites serious concerns over Google’s “horrid” record on privacy as potentially resulting in “painful unintended consequences” and discusses the frightening outcomes that could occur from the distracted driving Google glass could cause.

Indeed, psychologists and professors in the United States and abroad have warned that Google Glass could reduce cognitive ability, creating a state in the brain where the eyes fail to register what is right in front of them.

In a piece for the New York Times, researchers and psychology professors Daniel J. Simons and Christopher F. Chabris discuss how the device can pose risks to the wearer: “Google Glass may allow users to do amazing things, but it does not abolish the limits on the human ability to pay attention,” they said.

It seems the potential for car accident deaths because of Google Glass distraction could easily overtake the huge number of deadly accidents already caused by texting and driving. The glass could cause a kind of “blindness” where the user becomes so distracted that they are completely unaware of their surroundings. The ramifications could be devastating.

Aside from the dangers of distraction, privacy is an issue that is discussed in even the most positive articles about the device. Concerns over privacy violations have already led numerous business owners to ban the glass from their establishments.

Setting aside all of the potentially deadly dangers for a moment, the other consideration about Google glass is that wearing it in public seems as though it would just flat out be incredibly rude. Have we really come to the point in society where we no longer wish to interact with each other unless some type of electronic device or screen is in between us and the person to whom we are talking?

Perhaps another danger of Google Glass is that it could make the person wearing it seem vastly antisocial. Perhaps Enderle’s advice will be heeded and widespread bans on the device will be put into place. At $2,000 a unit, who needs Google Glass anyway?

By: Rebecca Savastio


Source: The New York Times

Source: IT Business World

2 Responses to "New Google Glass Extremely Dangerous Possibly Deadly"

  1. Martin Rayala   October 17, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    What a quaint little article. It could go directly into “The Onion” and people would see it as a hilarious collection of comments by people who fear the new.

  2. perry matthews   June 28, 2013 at 5:46 am

    We should be able to see the computer options in our minds, not in front of us and in an inconvenient spot. He’s right, special supervision is required to operate this computer in the long-run.

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