North India Cloudburst Triggers Rainfall Ravage


Uttarakhand, the home of most prestigious Hindu shrines in Northern India, suffers a massive rainfall and cloudburst making lives standstill. Since the latest news at least 60 people had died and almost 160 houses washed out by the devastating flow of loud Ganges. The well decorated homes or shrines were breaking down like a house of cards without the slightest resistance.  Even those which survived are submerged under tumultuous water. The near by shrine lands or holy places all are either drowning in water or battling to save its locals. The adjacent places near Haridwar, the holy lands of Hrishikesh, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Uttar Kashi continue to make efforts to save pilgrims who are crying for help. The cloudburst and subsequent rainfall, totally ravaged North India .

Almost 70,000 pilgrims are trapped inside the flood ridden areas without food and water. The pilgrims who came for worship are now struggling to live. Actually it’s the highpoint of the season of pilgrimage, as the roads get blocked in winter. Some sources said, the Government doesn’t do much for them; they don’t even give necessary army support to save the trapped people. But it gets harder every time with new raised levels of water. The Delhi-Haridwar, Haridwar-Hrishikesh highways are blocked and it hugely affects the help and rescue works. Like hungry tides the water-burst triggers more ravages. Constant rainfall increases the woes. North India is suffering significantly ravaging rainfall.

After the cloudburst, Uttarkashi got instantly wiped out by enormous waves and never-ending flows of water. Hastily snapped pictures show that the force of the water  ravaged the area so badly, it’s hard to rebuild again. The large stones and rocks are coming down into the land with the water. The rain-triggered landslides made things worse. Uttarakhand has never seen such tragedy in recent times.

At Kedarnath, a hundred houses have been ruffled, making the temple stand amid the savages of nature. A number of travellers, and pilgrims are helplessly begging to be rescued. As Kedarnath temple is holiest of all, the trapped pilgrims are mostly in this place. In a view, taken from a helicaptor, the ddestruction from the flood was completely shown. The temple seemed the solo head amid the devoured locality. The floodwaters rushed so quickly into the houses it barely gave residents time to flee.

An Indian news channel showed an idol of Lord Shiva being attacked by the water, and it seems God is unable to save His followers from the wrath of nature. Rain rage totally ravaged the hills, pilgrimages and shrines. Uttarakhand, the capital North India, the land of shrines battles for oxygen. The cloudbursts followed by rains and landslides throttled India. The Monsoon misery doesn’t seem that it will soon end. The natural calamity devoured the lands, people, and pilgrims at large. The collapsed buildings reminding us the cruelty of nature, the attack of nature and invasion of water. No one knows if the cloudburst triggered rainfall is expected to continue the  worries of the countrymen.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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  1. Thakur   June 22, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    What you mean by God is unable to save his followers ? I dare you to write same thing about suicide bombing in mosques. I dare you to write same about child abuse in Churches.

    Human greed has already crossed its limits and it destroying nature now. So, it is wrath of God because God and Nature are same.


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