Paris Jackson family in trouble over suicide attempt

r Paris Jackson's suicide attempt

Informed of her sisters’ suicide attempt, Prince Michael, Michael Jackson’s eldest son cancelled his trip to Spain, where he had a TV appearance, to be with his sister. After cutting her right wrist and taking some pills to kill and relieve herself, she contacts a hotline demanding help. She then was taken to a hospital in LA. It is not the first time that she has sought solace in trying to take her life. Her photograph bearing some scars on her right forearm on April 28th is evidence of a former suicide attempt before her Wednesday’s attempt.

Feeling terribly alone after his father’s death, acting as a subpoena in the lawsuit filed out against Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor in 2009 hired by the concert promoters AEG Live, who injected Michael Jackson a lethal amount of Propofol resulting in the superstar’s death, are accounted partly the main reasons of Paris Jackson decision to suicide. The night before her suicide attempt, Paris has tweeted “I wonder why tears are salty” followed by “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they are here to stay.” a sorrowful piece of lyric from Beatles song. It shows the intensity of her despondency.

Resurfacing of the claim that Michael Jackson sexually abused a child could relevantly be another mentally corrosive worry that has led Paris to get so disappointed and to do such a thing. Additionally, not being able to attend in the Dope Show Hitmaker’s concert at the Gibson Amphitheater with Alice Cooper and not being allowed to rebuild her relationship with her birth mother, Debbie Row, are counted as other reasons of resorting to suicide.

Upon the death of the superstar, Debbie Row made an appeal for having custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket Jacksons. Nothing has been cleared about the result of her appeal. But, there has apparently been some sort of disagreement among the children to reconcile their relationship with Debbie Row. Being that Paris strongly feels lonely and needs her mother, while his older brother doesn’t think that he does need to her anymore. Their clash has reached to a point that Mark Lester, the children’s godfather, has made a statement in the Grazia magazine that Paris would abandon her siblings and other family members when she turns 16. As of now they all live with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

While Paris is mentally overwhelmed with the aforementioned problems including the loss of her lovable father, Prince Michael, a leveled-head and calm young man, has been working towards his goal to become a director and to be in in Film industry. It is believed that every of the children have their own agenda. They would go their own way.

Right now, the only thing that matters to the Jackson’s family is recovery of Paris. Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you her father. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy, according to the people close to the family.

By: Mohammad Reza Najafian jazi



4 Responses to "Paris Jackson family in trouble over suicide attempt"

  1. Vickie   June 26, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    I think Paris is crying out for love, attention and stability. A big hug for her! If she wants a relationship with her bio-mother, then she should have one. Who are we to judge the arrangements of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, we were not there. Loads of people leave their children to be raised by the other parent, doesnt mean they don’t love them, maybe they think it is sparing the children. Who are we to judge. Only Paris knows what she wants and needs. Lots of hugs to her as her life cannot be easy.

  2. arona   June 11, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    she obviously needs help starting now, i will not be surprised if she turns her back on the entire Jackson family …More drama will continue to unfold the older she gets,sad to say but true….

  3. arona   June 11, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    I am not surprised at all. and it would not surprise me if she ended up going to live with her mother(the same woman that gave up her rights to them for money from Michael…

  4. Chris Boese   June 6, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Boy, that’s a pretty grammar-challenged missive. No offense, if this was citizen journalist-posted, but how about some copyediting, y’all?


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