Solid Snake is Kiefer Sutherland in New Metal Gear Solid?

Solid Snake to be voiced by Kiefer Sutherland
It is almost a case of, “No! Please! Say it’s not so!” That cannot be serious about having the 24 actor Kiefer Sutherland be Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear Solid game.


I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Sutherland in almost everything he does, with the exception of his unfortunate casting in a Hollywood remake of a Korean film that was horrible, but we won’t go there. This is about Metal Gear Solid.

The game’s creating company Konami announced on Thursday that the 46 year-old Kiefer Sutherland will be portraying Snake, the hero of Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

It was presented via a pre-recorded video presentation prior to the E3 Expo.

The series creator, Hideo Kojima, said in the pre-recorded video that, “This time, with Metal Gear Solid V, the themes are a little different from previous games in the series. We’re taking on some very heavy subjects such as race and revenge. I wanted Snake to have a more subdued performance, expressed through subtle facial movements and tone of voice rather than words.”

Kojima went on to say, “Furthermore, the game takes place in 1984, when Snake is 49 years old. Therefore, we needed someone who could genuinely convey the facial and vocal qualities of a man in his late 40′s.”

Not to be too pernickety here, but at 46, Sutherland is just over the midway point of 45. I don’t want to be facetious but that is not in my book, late 40s.

It seems that as well Sutherland providing Snake’s voice, he did some “facial” capture sessions for the game’s animation.

Unfortunately, fans of the long running series know that David Hayter has provided the voice since the games creation way back in 1998. To the fans, he is Solid Snake.

But Solid Snake is now being voiced by Kiefer Sutherland and things in the verse may just be changing, at least, according to Konimi they are.

But something is a bit odd about the whole Kojima thing about needing a character’s voice who can sound in his “late” 40s. In case you’ve not been on IMDb or Wikipedia lately, Hayter is only two years younger than the 46 year-old Kiefer. Doing the math, he is only 44!


But to change Snake’s voice? I mean come on, that would be like Naughty Dog suddenly deciding that when they do Uncharted 4 that they don’t need Nolan North any longer to voice Nathan Drake! Nolan’s only 42, but you can’t really trust that figure too much, all actor’s lie about their age. As a character once said in a Stephen King book, “It’s axiomatic.”

All in all, it sounds like Hayter is being pretty cool about the whole thing. The voice actor, who will always be associate with the Solid Snake character, got on his Twitter account to tweet what he thought about Sutherland becoming the “new” Snake.

He tweeted, “The game will probably still be excellent. Like New Coke!”

Wait a minute! Like new Coke! Well, maybe Hayter isn’t all that cool about the new casting change. I mean, we all know how well the new Coke went over, don’t we?

But this rabidly popular game will, no doubt still rake in a lot of hard yen for the Japanese game developing company. Metal Gear Solid has been massively popular ever since Metal Gear Solid hit the consoles and PC’s in 1998, fans wait in almost frenzied agony for the next game to come out.

So regardless of whether or not Kiefer Sutherland is Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear Solid instead of good old David Hayter, who are we too judge. After all, we are only fans of the game and the verse.

By Michael Smith


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  1. quick787   June 7, 2013 at 9:09 am

    This is not “Solid” Snake. This is Big Boss. There are completely different characters. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.


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