Paris Jackson in Hospital after Alleged Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson in hospital after alleged suicide attempt
According to TMZ Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old daughter is in the hospital after an alleged suicide attempt. Which occurred early Wednesday morning.

According to sources it appears that the only daughter of the late performer may have been attempting to kill herself.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department told FOX 411 that fire personnel responded to a home in Calabasas for a medical rescue.

The LA County Fire Department spokesperson said, “We received a call at 1:27 in the morning. We transported a patient to the hospital at 1:47. We responded to a call of an overdose. That’s the kind of call we got.”

According to the gossip site TMZ, it was reported that the 911 caller allegedly said that Paris had cut her wrists.

Looking at the teenagers most recent tweets, life hasn’t been all that great lately. Paris Jackson tweeted earlier that, “Omg. That conversation escalated quickly. I wonder why tears are salty? Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here today.”

Michael Jackson had three children and Paris is the only girl. It was recently reported that she was bonding with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. Rowe was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999.
The King of Pop had three children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Paris was recently reported to be bonding with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, who was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999.

The 15 year-old Paris Jackson’s mother, Debbie Rowe, confirmed the incident with Entertainment Tonight. Rowe told them that, her daughter has had “a lot going on [lately].”

Paris was reportedly carried out of her family home in Calabasas, Los Angeles that she shares with grandmother Katherine Jackson and her brothers Prince and Blanket.

A lawyer for Katherine Jackson has also confirmed the news to the New York Daily News, saying: “[Paris] suffered with the loss of her father … But we don’t know what she was exposed to that precipitated this.”

There has been no further news on how the 15 year-old Paris Jackson is doing in the hospital after her alleged suicide attempt.

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