Pia Zadora Arrested after Fight

Pia Zadora Arrested after fight

61 year old singer and actress Pia Zadora was arrested and wound up in jail after she allegedly fought with her teenage son when he wouldn’t go to bed early according to the Las Vegas Police on Saturday.

Zadora was charged with domestic violence, battery, and coercion for allegedly scratching her 16-year-old son, Jordan’s ear as she tried to take his cell phone away from him while he dialed 911, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police report.

Jordon told the police that his mother and her husband, Las Vegas Police Det. Michael Jeffries, were drinking alcohol in their home before the incident. The trouble began around 11 p.m. when Zadora said she was tired and she ordered Jordon to go to bed according to the the police report.

The report states that, “Jordan said he told his mom he wanted to stay outside and talk because it was a weekend night. Allegedly Zadora became “upset and angry” and “got the hose and started squirting everyone, insisting that Jordan go to bed and Mike Jr. leave.”

The 61 year old singer and actress then scratched her husband’s face and was “punching and scratching” her 32-year-old stepson, the report said.

At approximately at 4:30 a.m. the mother and son then “wrestled” over Jordan’s cell phone, the report said. The police report also alleges that, “Pia then grabbed him from behind around his head, grabbing his eyes and face, leaving a scratch on his left ear. Jordan got away and Pia came up and again grabbed him from behind encircling his neck in the process.”

Before Pia Zadora was arrested after the fight with her teenage son, the police responded to the 911 call that the frightened teenager made on his cell phone.

When the Las Vegas police arrived, they were not allowed inside the home, but they realized that a police officer, Jeffries, lived there, according to the report.

Two officers found an unlocked door in the rear and entered, the report said. One of the officers announced, “Metro Police. Come out with your hand up.”

Police said that an unknown male voice said, “What are you doing in my house?”

According to the reporting officer, he said, “I then stated that he knew why we were there and to come out so we could talk.” The reporting officer said that the unknown male then shouted, “Why don’t you f–king come back here and get me!”

The police officers then retreated from inside the home and waited for SWAT officers to surround the house, according to the report. Zadora later told police she did not come out because she thought her husband, a detective “would take care of it.”

After a couple of hours of no activity, Pia apparently fell asleep while the SWAT officers still surrounded her house. She claims that she called 911 and the operators told her to go outside, which she then did.

Pia Zadora is best known for her involvement in a Hollywood awards scandal in 1982. It was alleged that her husband at the time, a very wealthy man, had influenced her winning the Golden Globe for best female newcomer. This allegedly happened while he entertained voters at his casino.

So at 61, Pia Zadora has her name in the papers again, this time for getting arrested after a fight with her teenage son.

By Michael Smith


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