Vine is the new kid on the App-block for Android users

It´s time to shoot, share and watch for Android users

Vine is the new kid on the App-block for Android users

Sara Haider published in her blog some good news for Android owners, that the App Vine is finally available; however, this is old news for iPhone users because i OS have had it for a while. It took only four months for the little green robot company to catch up and get in the game of fun-recording. If you have seen Harry Potter´s movies you might remember the moving pictures, well, that’s Vine, without the characters jumping in and out.

In October of 2012, Twitter bought Vine, a video-sharing start-up, after a careful review of its potential. The founders of the company were Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll, who as co-founder, joined a month later. The first investment was $1 million dollars. And how much Twitter paid for Vine? It´s remains a mystery.
Product head of Twitter, Michael Sippey said in an interview for All things D that, “finding Vine is definitely something to gloat about”, “The beauty of what the team did is that they took advantage of the fundamental unit of filmmaking, which is the cut, and integrated that into the product so that you can actually tell stories, pretty sophisticated stories within a six-second time frame,” Sippey explain this during his interview in All things D. Mister Sippey said too, “It’s a simple follow model, and with the trending hashtags and the explore section, you can actually find great people and find great content and just scroll through and enjoy Vine after Vine after Vine.”

Software engineer at Twitter Sara Haider, posted on her blog also, that Android and iOS will not have exactly the same features, for instance, users of Android will be able to zoom. However, in the next coming weeks, there will be updates and new features for both, Android and iOS, which includes: front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook.

Vine began in 2012 and BBC called it immediately, “mesmerizing”. Vine became popular among the lovers of social networks very soon. The App can record six seconds of punctuated video and that’s what makes it fun, fresh and makes you feel like a little filmmaker, at least for six seconds. Today, Vine has 13 million users, but they want more and that’s why they decided to grow. Vine is taking the decision that Instagram took before and work very well for them, opening its horizons.

The comments through the social networks were polarizing, some were happy with the App; others felt less exclusive; and some felt that Vine is corny for Android. The App Vine has been in the top five of U.S. i OS app downloads since the beginning of April.
Vine is the new kid on the App-block for Android users. The App is relatively new in the scene and promises a lot. Achieving 13 million users is not that easy, but they did it in a very short amount of time, they succeed with the i OS operative system and most likely they will triumph in the Android world. To get the Vine is very easy, specially if you have Twitter account, because it links you automatically to it. Android users, let´s record and have some fun.

By: Oskar Guzman.

Source: All Things D, BBC news,

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