Rick Perry Throws a Tantrum


3013501-poster-1920-leadership-lessons-from-wendy-davis-dramatic-filibusterIn an historic event, Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered what would have been the most destructive legislation denying a woman’s right to her own body in modern history.  Republican Governor Rick Perry didn’t like the results, threw a tantrum, and ordered another special session of the legislature for July 1st.

If the bill passes, a woman’s right to obtain an abortion in the Lone Star state, will virtually be non-existent.

The bill prohibited any form of abortion after 20 weeks.  It also restricted abortions to medical facilities which have licensed operating rooms.  And it required that a medical doctor be present for abortions in any form.

37 of the 42 clinics in Texas would be forced to close their doors.

The prejudicial bill was passed by the House, and would surely have been adopted by the Republican dominated Senate if Senator Davis had not talked, standing on her own two feet, for nearly 13 hours.  As midnight came, a raucous crowd outside of the Senate chambers screamed their joy into the night.

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst hinted at an additional special session as the night came to an end shortly before three in the morning Wednesday.  In typical Republican fashion, he called the crowd, “an unruly mob.”  Democrats said they were exercising their freedom.

Perry is allowed to call as many as 30 special sessions.

Many labels can be given to Texas and its ultra-conservative administration.  Misogynist is one of those labels.

Republicans hate women, and believe they should have no rights.  They want a return to the 1950’s when women were subservient to their husbands and fathers.  They do not believe that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body, and that an unformed fetus is more important than the life and well-being of women.

If the males in Texas had their way, women would ‘do as they were told,’ and wear ‘burkas’ in public, and school girl outfits in the bedroom.

Wendy Davis is a heroine to Texas women, and women all over the world.  I pity all women who have to live in that dustbowl of a state.

There is a long list of prejudices by Texas Republicans.  They have always been racist and bigoted.  They have always been against the LGBT community.  Now they have proven that they are anti-woman.

The positive side of this situation, and the situation in the House in Washington regarding immigration, is that 2014 is looking good for independents and Democrats.  It’s the same old GOP of 2008, and 2012.  A party divided cannot stand.

Perry will throw his tantrum until he gets his way.  To think he believed he was a viable Presidential candidate in 2012 is mind boggling.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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