Santa Monica College Shooting Reveals Inconvenient Truth

Santa Monica College Shooting Reveals Inconvenient Truth

Once again, a college campus is terrorized by a seemingly unbalanced gunman. In this case, the shooter, it has now been revealed, was apparently shot and killed by police. Two things are worthy of note, however, and show that this Santa Monica college shooting reveals an Inconvenient truth or two; the first awkward fact is evident in police refusing to describe this as a ‘college campus shooting’, despite the fact that the gunman – after allegedly shooting two people dead in a house in Santa Monica – made directly for the college campus, where he then killed one person and fatally wounded another, before being killed himself in an exchange of fire with police. Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks is reported as saying  “Today’s incident is not a college school shooting. It is rather a series of shootings that occurred in the city of Santa Monica and culminated in a shooting that happened at Santa Monica College,”

Fortunately, in this case, campus police were able to neutralize the gunman before he was able to kill more people; this is almost never the case in mass shootings in the United States, which claim an average of 14 lives unless an armed citizen intervenes.

Why will this not be classified as a college campus shooting? Because elementary schools, high schools and college campuses are gun-free zones and, thus, perfect targets for deranged gunmen; as tragically witnessed on many previous occasions. Now, a gunman attempts to shoot up yet another gun-free college campus in California, the home state of Dianne Feinstein, arguably the most extreme anti-Second Amendment zealot in American politics.

The second inconvenient truth revealed by the this college shooting is that both the authorities and the Liberal media have have attempted to conceal, up until now, is the fact that the shooter, now finally identified as John Zawahri, is of Middle Eastern birth or origin – possibly Lebanese – as reported by certain right-wing blogs that, strangely enough, managed to obtain the name of the shooter well in advance of the mainstream Liberal media.

So, why did neither the mainstream news outlets, nor the authorities, release the gunman’s identity sooner? Political correctness is the answer: Liberals and Democrats like their deranged gunmen to be angry, white TEA Party members – even though it is a fact that almost all recent mass shootings have been carried out by registered Democrats. As if it wasn’t mortifying enough that this killer wasn’t a lily-white, right-wing ‘extremist’, it turns out that he was probably Muslim, which will give rise to the strong possibility that this shooting was motivated by sympathies towards Islamist fundamentalism.

The Obama administration, along with almost all Democrats and Liberals, go to great pains to ignore the threat of Muslim extremism; to them, denial is, quite definitely, a river in Egypt. The Fort Hood shooting – which, it should be noted, was possible because another Democrat, President Bill Clinton, forbade military personnel from carrying loaded weapons on base – was most certainly an act of religious terrorism. The shooter, in that case, freely and proudly admits this. The administration, however, officially classifies it as “workplace violence.”

Will it turn out that John Zawahri was motivated by Islamist notions of jihad? We may never know, as the authorities at both the state and federal level – with the willing co-operation of the mainstream, left-wing media – will cover up, or simply ignore, any such connections. The right-wing media, of course, will go looking for those very connections. This particular facet of the story is yet to unfold; perhaps Zawahri was just crazy. It has been reported that he has a history of mental problems – although it seems very suspicious that details of his mental health history were released even before his identity was; as if laying the groundwork for a denial of any connection to radical Islam.

It is also worth noting that Middle Eastern people are not known for their homicidal mental disorders; this is a phenomenon almost exclusive to white males – with the D.C. snipers, who were black and the Virginia Tech shooter, who was Korean, being notable exceptions.

Whatever the motive, it is clear that the college shooting in Santa Monica reveals some inconvenient truth; that gun-free zones get people killed and that we may, possibly, have just witnessed another act of Islamist terrorism on our own shores.

Written by Graham J Noble


27 Responses to "Santa Monica College Shooting Reveals Inconvenient Truth"

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  2. Warren   August 19, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    I was at Santa Monica College the day this happened. Most of us are wondering how we live in a world where an individual could legally own the weapons used on that day. The nation needs strict gun laws and a method in place that can mop up the gross amount of weapons and ammunition that are already owned by private individuals. Also, this incident did start as a family dispute of some sort a few blocks from the college. While it ended at a nearby college campus, it is not where it started. Frankly, this article mostly speculation.

    • Graham Noble   August 20, 2013 at 11:14 am

      You cannot disprove disprove anything I have said in this article. You are probably a Progressive troll from Media Matters. I doubt you even know where Santa Monica is. If you don’t believe that human beings have the right to self-defense, you should go find a nice fascist dictatorship to move to….one where the almighty state will take care of your every need.

      Either you are incredibly stupid or totally illiterate: The article makes the FACTS quite clear, as to where the shooting began and ended.

      Your comment is complete garbage.

  3. James   June 11, 2013 at 5:52 am

    I wonder if any or all of these recent shooting’s, can be link to anti depressants such as The Columbine? Ect


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