Smart Watches, Which One Will You Chose?

Sony SmartWatch

With Sony opening up there, SmartWatch to devs to tinker with which smart watch would you chose? I for one don’t like something on my wrist that tears at the hair. I see myself more of a Google Glass kind of guy. I’m already wearing glasses, but how will Google figure things out for us that wear glasses.  But maybe I need to shave my wrist and opt for the Sony SmartWatch?

Sony is taking the open-source dev route opening up things like Linux, and the watch’s Android OS Platform has done for years. What will those dev do to this watch? Sony and Arduino are teaming up to host a hackathon in Malmö, Sweden on June 15th. Will this clear up the mixed reviews that the watch is getting?

Now people like the watch because well, it looks like a watch, and if you can’t get to your phone. Bam! It’s up on your screen. You can touch it like any Smart Phone. It’s small, and it can be your mini phone without the calling part, oh wait; there is, but not every phone is compatible, and you need to use a headset. Why would I not just use a Bluetooth headset with my phone? Where’s the speaker for everyone else to hear my conversation Sony?

But what’s this, there’s others. Yes, and more to come if not already by the time you read this.

There is Pebble a SmartWatch that came out on Kickstarter LAST year. This watch I’ve heard of, but what has it been up to since? They have shipped to those Kickstarter contributors 70,000 and will be rushing an additional shipment to attend to the rest of the order. They have stated that they have attained additional funding to help them with the start-up mode allowing them to get out of the idea phase. They want to work on future designs. What will they think of next one that goes around your entire wrist?

Apple iWatch is rumored; it just sounds like a 6th Gen iPod Nano with a strap to hold on your wrist. Don’t they have this for your arm? Well again, with their new iOS 7, they say they are ready to embrace smart watches. Some say this is a helpful hint that Apple is working on iWatch or whatever they call it. They want something short and for it to sound like the names of their other devices. I wish they would call it John or Bob for once, not in a test phase. No more iAnything please. That includes you iJustine. Just kidding, well, for the most part. I’m a fan of free open software okay.

I for one want to see what they come up with next. I would want the newest and greatest, and I haven’t quite seen all the bells and whistles just yet. When they come up with one, I can utilize a speech to text app. Then I just might get one for those for thoughts and ideas, but until a mic, a speaker, and a camera are added. That is when I will make the leap.

(The speaker and camera would really be for someone who can’t read, allowing them the convenience of having the item there watch sees to read out loud. Reading in any language where your huge phone doesn’t have to come out.)

Keep your eyes out and ears open chose the one you like or wait just like those who waited for the iPhone 5 because it was so much superior to the first gen.


Here is a look at Sony’s SmartWatch:

By: Forrest L. Rawls


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