NASA Confirmed Alien Invasion?

NASA Confirmed Alien Invasion

On February 12, 2013, NASA confirmed alien invasion! Scientists also predicted that three giant alien spaceships will arrive in March of 2013.

The exclusive media reporting about the continuing alien invasion is WWN and its top investigative reporter, Frank Lake, the world’s top investigative reporter on this issue.

In an effort to avoid panic, governments around the globe have been covering up the invasion. However, WWN feels we must report the truth, and if we take peaceful actions now – we can avoid a war with aliens.

As cited on WWN, UFO encounters continue to increase and scientists at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), an independent non-commercial organization announced, that:

“Three giant spaceships are heading toward Earth. The largest one of them is 200 miles wide. Two others are slightly smaller. At present, the objects are just moving past Jupiter.  Judging by their speed, they should be on Earth by the fall of 2012,” said John Malley, the lead extraterrestrial expert at SETI.

In February this year, NASA confirmed Frank Lake’s report that aliens are invading our planet in increasing numbers. NASA claimed that the rising greenhouse emissions must have tipped off aliens.

“Watching from afar, extraterrestrials have viewed changes in Earth’s atmosphere as symptomatic of a civilization out of control – and are taking drastic action to keep us from becoming a more serious threat,” NASA researchers explain.

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials confirmed in October 2011 that aliens from Planet Zeeba started invading Earth.  The U.N. Panel, led by Dr. John Malley, forebodes the invasion will continue until December 2015, after which earth may be under the control of aliens from Zeeba.

It’s been predicted by scientists at Pennsylvania State University predict that towards the end of 2012, humanity will have direct encounter with aliens from Zeeba.

Jessica Wygal-Markum of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and her colleagues have collected plausible conclusions that could unravel in the consequence of a close encounter that would help humans prepare.

“When Humans Meet Zeebans” report says that humans contact with aliens could either be:

  • Neutral encounters may be less rewarding because humans will be indifferent towards aliens.
  • Beneficial encounters are peaceful and productive meetings with ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) which could assist out advancement solution to diseases, poverty, and hunger.
  • Harmful outcomes could be unappealing on the assumption that aliens may attack, enslave, or eat us when they arrive. There is also a possibility that aliens will annihilate our civilization if they unleash hostile artificial intelligence or perform catastrophic experiment.

To bolster of chance of survival, researchers are sending messages into space to peacefully connect with aliens. NASA authors warn in their report that extraterrestrials could be suspicious of the very rapid civilization expansion and may extinguish humanity to conserve their existence.

Early this month, a member of parliament and former Canadian Minister of Defense Honorable Paul Hellyer, publicly voiced his belief that Earth have been visited by aliens for years. Hufftington Post Canada construe that part of Hellyer testimony stated that aliens live among us and at least two works with the U.S. government. Hellyer also declared that four extraterrestrials species from the “Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, and Altair star systems” have been visiting us for thousands of years with different agendas.

Hellyer has been publicly affirmed about extraterrestrials and UFOs since 2005. He told Ottawa Citizen in February 2007 that alien technology obtained during supposed UFO crashes like the Roswell, New Mexico mysterious incident in 1947,  provides us with possible substitute to fossil fuels.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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