Super Full Moon Affects Humans

super full moon affects humans
Last month was a super full moon, but this month’s full moon, taking place Saturday June 22nd, is promising to be even MORE super.  Is that possible?  According to NASA, super full moons aren’t that rare and usually occur at least once per year.  A ‘super’ full moon occurs when the moon it at it’s closest point in proximity to the earth for that month’s orbit – known as a perigee – so how is it we are getting two in a row? As it turns out – last month’s super moon was most likely an ‘almost super’ full moon.  So what does all this ‘super’ mean for you and I? How do super full moons affect humans?

Some sources warn that super full moons are more likely to induce natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic activity and the like, such as the supermoons which corresponded with the 1992, 1993 mid-west super storms, blizzards and floods, the 2005 Indonesian tsunami and the 2011 Japanese earthquake.  This could be a coincidence, though the moon is known for it’s pull on the tides of the ocean and affect on the weather.  One thing is certain, high tides will be higher this weekend, so if you are wandering coastal – be ware.

On the bright side, this moon promises to be almost 30% brighter than most full moons, perhaps a good time for a midnight walk or a full moon meditation in the forest.  The moon will reach it’s fullest, brightest point at approximately 11:32pm universal time.  If that’s evening for you, make sure you take time to get out under the moon and soak up it’s lunar light.

Super Moon Super Crazy?

It is a cultural ‘saying’ and even partially fact that full moons can induce lunacy.  Police departments and emergency rooms get more calls and visits on a full moon than any other day of the calendar month.  In some cultures it is considered a negative, or dangerous practice to stare at the moon unless you are spiritually ‘adept’ – or advanced – other wise the moon can cause imbalance in the mind.  The Indian yogic tradition explains the moon as influencing the subconscious mind, where the sun has more impact on the conscious mind.  During a full moon, subconscious thoughts and feelings are more likely to surface and if the content of those musings are not in alignment with ones normal conscious reality, it could manifest as  disturbing experiences.  The moon has a strong effect on our emotional nature and if you are already a sensitive person by nature, or have not learned how to detach from your emotions when necessary, full moons can be particularly vulnerable if not volatile.

The Moon and Magnetics

Every month the moon passes through the earth’s magnetic tail beginning roughly 3 days prior to a full moon lasting through til 3 days after a full moon.  According to Tim Stubbs at the University of Maryland Goddard Space flight center – “This can have consequences ranging from lunar ‘dust storms’ to electrostatic discharges.” We have electromagnetic energy as well.  Some describe the aura, or field around the body in these terms.  It would make sense that we would feel something different around full moons. Those of the pagan and Wicca traditions acknowledge full moon energy as accessible for several days before and several days after, perhaps this is why.

According to sources “Nerve impulses are electricity in the body. Human electricity creates human magnetism and electro-magnetic energy waves. As electricity passes through a metal wire it causes an energy field or magnetic field. In a similar way human electricity in nerves create a human magnetic field around the nerves. The millions of nerve impulses in the body create complex human magnetic fields. The heart creates the largest human energy field which can be measured by instruments.heartfield It is no wonder that the increase in electromagnetic energy amplified by a full moon would affect humans strongly, especially our emotions.  As this super full moon approaches, notice your energy and if you can tell the electrical charge in the air is somehow different.

Full Moon, Creativity and the Mind

Some say the full moon is an especially creative time.  According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation subconscious tendencies, including creative inspiration, negative suppressed feelings or addictions can all surface during a full moon.

Depending on the types of impressions from the sub-conscious mind that are activated, the heightened activity can range from heightened random thoughts to heightened mind activity of specific thoughts.

For example, a person who is a writer and is focusing on some book that he is writing is more likely to get heightened thought activity mainly pertaining to the book and creativity in writing style. These types of thoughts will arise out of the talent center. Hence he may find that he can write prolifically on a full moon day.

However for most people the thoughts are random. If there are a number of dominant personality defects such as anger, greed, etc. then they too may surface and dominate our thoughts during this period. For example an alcoholic will get more thoughts about the need to drink alcohol on this day.

It is also possible to awaken thoughts about Spirituality that lie inert in the sub-conscious mind of a spiritual person by taking advantage of the heightened mind activity and by increasing spiritual practice on a full moon day.

With this super full moon approaching, directly following the solstice, it seems like a great time to do some mental housekeeping and clear out any unwanted thoughts, emotions and habits.  At the same time, maybe writing a letter to someone you’ve been neglecting is in order.  However you slice it, the moon is going to be bright – so get out there  under the light and enjoy it!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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