Tiger Woods to Sit Out Until British Open

Tiger Woods has decided to sit out until the British Open due to an elbow injury.
Tiger Woods has decided to sit out until the British Open due to an elbow injury.

Tiger Woods announced on his website that he will not play until the British Open. In a little over a week, he has gone from being perceived as his old invincible self, to hardly being able to play the game due to an injury. This is hardly the first time an injury has kept Woods from competing, although he has shown an ability to bounce back from injury before and has the sense to take his foot off the gas and allow himself to recover.

Coming off of a 32nd place finish at the US Open last week, Woods was rumored to have an injury to his left arm. After the tournament Woods sought medical attention and was revealed to have a strain on his left elbow. Tiger usually is able to hide any discomfort he feels while he is playing, but this time was different. On three separate shots during the US Open, Woods was seen wincing in pain after striking the ball.

After being questioned about his injury, Woods revealed that he suffered it during the Players’ Championship that he won last month. It makes sense that he has been hurt since then. Woods carded his worst nine hole score as a professional at the Memorial two weeks after the Players Championship and before the US Open when he shot a 44.

The injury has forced Tiger Woods to sit out of his own tournament the AT&T Open, as he recovers until the British Open. Disappointed to be sitting out of his own tournament, he explained his feelings about the event on his website. “The AT&T National means a lot to me and my foundation. It’s especially difficult not defending at my own tournament. It’s going to be a great event, and I look forward to being there to provide my support.”

Tiger Woods also released his decision to sit out until the British Open through his website, explaining how he came to the decision. “I have been advised to take a few weeks off, rest and undergo treatment. I’ll be ready to go for the British Open and I’m looking forward to playing at Muirfield. I would like to extend my regrets to AT&T, our sponsors and the fans in the Washington, D.C., area.

Seemingly injured every year now a days, it is beginning to seem unlikely that he will ever catch Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships. The record once seemed to be a foregone conclusion, however he has not won a major in the past five years. Muirfield, this year’s British Open home, is the site where Woods shot an 81, his worst 18 hole round as a professional, in 2002. Tiger Woods is sitting out until the British Open, hoping to be healthy enough to win his first major in half a decade. He currently is a 7/1 favorite to do so.

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