Turkish Police Fights Protesters Without Mercy

Erdogan: Not only will we end the actions, we will be at the necks of provocateurs and terrorist, and no one will get away with it

Turkish Police Fights Protesters Without Mercy

Istanbul is going crazy, police has been firing tear gas and water cannons against protesters. Turkish police is trying to end the manifestation and riot that started about 18 days ago.

With loudspeakers the police using gas masks advised the crew to leave Taksim Square, right after the officials started to use tear gas and water cannons.

Through the conflict the police officer were throwing tear gas and water cannons, and the protesters responded with stones, firebombs, and bottles, but they were not removed until now.

Erdogan invited the principal leaders of the protest to his Ankara home on Friday. The protesters were willing to negotiate and leave only a fraction of their forces behind, but more protesters joined on the streets of Istanbul and on Taksim Square.

This happened after Erdogan´speech in front of all his supporters, he said “We have our Istanbul rally tomorrow. I say clearly: Taksim Square must be evacuated, otherwise this country´s security forces know how to evacuate it”.

The wound was open since May 28th of this year. Turkish people were protesting because environmentalist didn´t want to bring down the Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul. This is only one of the many factors that are making the Turkish society to protest against a regime that is not going anywhere and that has gained a lot of power.

At the beginning, the movement has been compared to the Arab Spring in the world, and the social media has played a basic role with the protesters. The hashtag trending was #OccupyGezy.

Turkish people around the world have expressed their support through clear messages, for instance, Turkish Americans in the New York Times created a full-page condemning the injustice of Turkish government.Turkish people have grown tired of an authoritarian government.

Erdogan is accused of anti-Semitism, and has accused Israel of hiding behind the Holocaust, seeking victimhood. Moreover, Wikileaks reported, “He´s a fundamentalists. He hates us religiously and his hatred is spreading”.

On another hand, Erdogan has shown that he is serious against protesters and he will use his force to get his authority back in Turkey to any cost.

When the movement started ten thousand people were arrested; policemen used tear gas, causing severe injuries and deaths. Now, according to Turkish Medical Association, there are 5,000 people injured.

Erdogan through the conflict has made hard statements such as, “I would like to see accurate statistics of how many Israelies have been killed by the bombs thrown by Palestinians; we know that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were killed…neither Turkey nor the muslims in the region have exerted such cruelty on Israel” ; “not only will we end the actions, we will be at the necks of provocateurs and terrorist, and no one will get away with it”; “social media is the worst menace of society”; and “the police were there yesterday, they are there today and they will be there tomorrow”

In response to oppression and tyranny the protesters gather more people in other cities of Turkey and marched through them, like Isparta, Edirme, Adana, etc. Turkish people want freedom of expression, Turkey´s secularism and freedom of assembly.

Erdogan is a man who has said, “there is not breaking and burning here, we are people of love”; the contradiction is that he is showing his love abusing the Human Rights of the Turkish people.

If the movement anti-Erdogan continues Turkey will have an open wound, and that might lead to some major problem. People aren´t happy with Erdogan since was elected in his third term. Erdogan needs to be open to real dialogue and understanding.

The Washington Post informed, “It´s more than Gezy. This is an explosion of what people have accumulated against the government for 10 years”, said Ozlem Deneri.

It´s clear that Turkish people want a change and the social media once again united millions of people around the world with a unique voice, to abolish the government of Erdogan.

By: Oskar Guzman
Source: The Washington Post, CNN news

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