UFOs, Do They Exist? Skeptic Panelist Suggests Humanoid Visit Jupiter Instead

UFOs, Do They Exist Skeptic Panelist Suggests Humanoid Visit Jupiter Instead

Do UFOs really exist? Yes, according to UFO enthusiasts and believers around the globe. No, according to skeptics, one of whom in a recent Washington D.C., meeting suggested humanoid visit Jupiter instead.

The issue of the existence of extra-terrestrials has surfaced amid recent declassification of documents that reveal that the British government shut down its UFO department in 2009. Sources say UFO enthusiasts are vocal in the existence of extra-terrestrial in these documents.

On the other hand, at a UFO Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held in Washington, D.C. recently, a skeptic panelist suggested humanoid visit Jupiter instead.

For the past 50 years until its closure three years ago, the UK governmental department on UFO had recorded sighting of existence extra-terrestrial beings reported by its citizens. However, more than three years ago, according to sources, Britain’s “X Files” was shut down because of financial constraints and also because the Ministry of Defense surmised that UFOs were not potential threats to the country.

The department shut down the hotline and the email address that recorded UFO sightings from its citizens. According to the declassified documents, a government civil servant is said to have recommended the closing down of the department. In his memo, the civil servant stated, “the level of resources diverted to this task is increasing in response to a recent upsurge in reported sightings, diverting staff from more valuable defence-related activities.”

Included in the declassified documents also was a memo from another government worker to then-Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth in November 2009. The memo said, the UFO operation was “consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defense output.”

Reports say the declassified documents contain all the sightings that were reported across the UK in 2009. The Ministry of Defense also made public 60 years’ worth of sightings, including strange sighting over the historic town of Stonehenge and also over the UK House of Parliament.

The sighting over Stonehenge was reported in 2009 by a visitor to the town. She wrote in an email, “I didn’t see anything in the sky at the time, because I was focusing upon the stones. Upon uploading them to my computer, though, I spotted the discoid shapes in the background. … I’m sure you get this kind of thing every day! However, I’m very fond of my UFOs so needed to share them!”

According to reports, the person who described the February 12, 2008 sighting over the House of Parliament said he saw “green, red and white lights,” He said the lights remained static for over an hour. According the reports, the person said “there were many aircraft passing the UFO, but it stayed static in the air.”

The files also contain reports of abductions by aliens, other sightings, and offers to develop weapons to shoot UFOs out of the sky. According to reports this may be the real reason for the closure of the UFO department.

David Clark, a UFO historian, who viewed the reports said in a U tube message that the numbers of UFO sightings increased to over 600 in 2009, partly because of “proliferation of camera phones.”

Referring to the financial constraints the UFO office faced, Clark said, “That really did put a strain on the resources that the MoD (Ministry of Defense) had committed to this subject, and really led up to their decision to finally pull the plug on Britain’s X-Files, simply because they just didn’t have the resources to investigate these sightings, or to look at them in any detail. So they just tended to be filed away.”

Clark also suggested that the increase in strange sighting may be related to the craze of releasing Chinese lanterns, inflammable floating devices, in the air during weddings.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., “The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” meeting, a non-governmental meeting on UFO, was held from April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013. It brought together skeptics, believers, researchers, activists, political leaders, and military witnesses representing ten countries. They gave testimony to six former members of the United States Congress on the evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The organizers of the meeting emphasized this was a not a government-sponsored meeting.

So do UFOs really exist? Members at the meeting remained divided.

By Perviz Walji

3 Responses to "UFOs, Do They Exist? Skeptic Panelist Suggests Humanoid Visit Jupiter Instead"

  1. Robert Guthrie   July 27, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Extraterrestrial advanced technological visitations are indeed a fact. But they are a small minority as compared to the vast number of UFO/Alien reports. Reports which can be explained away as mental issues or hoaxes, etc. Not talking about greys and related science-fiction jargon, but are human types from a colonized planetary environment, perhaps underground in our own solar system or galactic neighborhood. Now retired psychologist and former skeptic Dr. C. Paul Villani conducted a recorded session with a 28 year old former U.S. Air Force man who relayed a like story in the study of his home back in 1990 or 91. The incident took place in 1988 or 89. Dr. Villani had it transcribed for interested persons to review. If you desire a copy of the transcription I can forward it to you. A few years ago Mr. Rob Baldwin, then chairman of the San Diego UFO Society
    received a copy and found it very interesting.
    Robert Guthrie

  2. michael lewendon   June 23, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    To Whom It May Concern,
    11th September 2004, Burghfield, READING Berks England,
    After investigating this sighting we no longer require reports of U.F.Os as the video evidence shows all we need to know,
    once again thank you all for your support,
    michael lewendon


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