Under the Dome

Under the Dome

CBS is the number-one channel for the number one shows. I myself have found myself watching more CBS television than the other channels. Then here comes another Stephen King adaption. The new show Under the Dome, is a short 13-episode first season.

Fans attending WonderCon in California were treated to the first footage of the CBS series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome, premiering on the network on June 24th at 10/9c. Now that video is online, but I have posted it below.

Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Television banner produce the new series with Stephen King as an executive producer. But just because King is involved, don’t expect the series to be a slave to the 1,000 plus page novel. For those who aren’t familiar with the 2009 novel, here’s the official synopsis from Stephen King’s website:

“On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester’s Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. No one can fathom what this barrier is, where it came from, and when — or if — it will go away.

Dale Barbara, finds himself teamed with a few intrepid citizens – the town newspaper owner, a physician’s assistant at the hospital, a select-woman, and three brave kids. Against them stands Big Jim Rennie, a politician who will stop at nothing to hold on to the reins of power, and his son. Because time isn’t just short… It’s running out.”

Series showrunner Neal Baer says, “That gives us a guideline to dig into these stories and helps us root for characters, hate some of them and love characters and be passionate about them.” Under the Dome won’t be a limited series just because King’s book has an ending after the event in question lasts only a couple of days. Baer indicates that the characters will be stuck for much longer. Explaining that the first season will progress through faith that those under the dome will be saved, fear that they might actually be stuck for a long time, and fascism, when it’s time to hunker down and figure out how to survive with only what’s left inside of the dome.

Baer adds to the focus on characters telling The Hollywood Reporter:

“When you’re under those intense circumstances, people’s good or evil hearts may come out more than in everyday life. That intensity under that magnifying glass gives us the opportunity to explore what people would really do.

It’s a parable for our times: can the sun shine through the dome? Can it rain? Those sound like climate issues and we can really explore that without being preachy,” he said. “It’s fun for us to think about what happens when you run out of Tide soap, what do you use? Who rises? Do you really need a banker under the dome? But farmers? Maybe you do.”

Under the Dome stars Mike Vogel, Dean Norris, Britt Robertson, Jeff Fahey, Rachelle Lefevre and more with a pilot directed by Niels Arden Oplev of the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Again, premiering on CBS June 24th at 10/9c. I for one will be tuning in to see how this show will start and like other CBS shows I hope it enraptures me to want to watch the rest of the episodes.

By Forrest L. Rawls

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