Why NHL Playoffs are Annoying?

Why NHL Playoffs are Annoying?

Why NHL Playoffs are Annoying?

Living in Buffalo, N.Y., I am a hockey fan like many others in my city. Even though I am a hockey, the National Hockey League Playoffs are annoying.

The regular season in the NHL is great to watch. The reason is players can skate, players fight and penalties are called. When the playoffs commence it’s a totally different story as the referee’s whistle goes into their pockets.

For example, in Saturday night’s game two of the Stanley Cup Finals only five penalties were called for the whole game. Also, the penalties were called in the first and second period.

There were some obvious penalties as there was one Chicago Blackhawks player that fell down to the ice while hold the stick of a Boston Bruins player, but since it was overtime no penalty was called.

The reason is simple. Referees in the NHL pretty much do whatever they want and get away with it, which makes the NHL playoffs annoying.

The biggest problem with the NHL is commissioner Gary Bettman who just last week in his state of the game address called NHL officials the best in the world, according to the Sun Times.

‘The officials in this league are the best in the world — not just in hockey, but in any sport,’’ Bettman said. ‘‘I believe they have the most difficult job, and it always seems to undergo even more intense scrutiny at this time of year.’’

Someone please pass me whatever he is having, because it must be some pretty good stuff. The reason is just last night an official blew the game for the Blackhawks.

At 12:32 of the first period the Blackhawks had a 1-0 lead. At that time there was a scrum in front of Boston’s net for a loose puck. Instead of the referee getting off his lazy ass and go behind the net to see if he can get a better angle of the puck, the referee blew the whistle, which proved costly.

It proved to be costly, because the puck was never secured by Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask and slipped into the net between his pads. Thanks to the referees blowing it again, the game went into overtime where the Bruins scored to tie the series at 1-1.

Ever since the “No Goal” incident, I have been leery of the Bettman and his handling of the NHL.

For those of you who don’t know what that situation is here is a brief summary. In the late 1990s the NHL instituted a rule that players cannot enter the goalie’s crease before the puck does, because goalies were getting run constantly. In game six of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals Dallas Stars forward Brett Hull scored a goal in overtime while his foot was in the crease and the puck outside of it that won the Stanley Cup for the Stars.

The goal was never reviewed and stood. The explanation after the game by the NHL was that it since Hull originally shot it kicked the rebound to his stick it was all one possession even though similar goals weren’t allowed in the regular season.

Even without that incident the Stars would have most likely won as they were clearly the more talented team, but the matter of the fact is they won the Stanley Cup on a blown call.

So, until Gary Bettman is no longer commissioner or the NHL, the NHL playoffs are always going to be annoying.

8 thoughts on “Why NHL Playoffs are Annoying?

  1. ok you say your hockey fan ? go to live game ans see how many calls are missed. when the regular season ends and playoffs start everything is speeded up from the fore checking, goaltending, defense positioning, you have to playe fast and hard and get off ice all in 20 to 30 sec. puck posssesion is more important. “take hit to control the posseesion” ” go to net giving up your body” all this is what play off hockey is about. you have obligation to public to report not opionated about something you really dont understand. its easy to target officials try doing it yourself . oh yeah you dont understand rules. you sir or child ? are a band wagoner. yes bettman sucks but true fans can understand why. now go get your big boy pants the ones with your name written on inside and go watch golf. we dont want or need you reporting what you know nothing about. just makes you look like moron.

  2. the reality is the NHL playoffs are BETTER than the regular season BECAUSE there are less penalties and the refs let the players play… im betting the writer of this article thinks the NBA refs are the best and never misjudge a call lol

  3. This is the most poorly written article I have seen come out of the Guardian Express in a long, long time. Dimarkco Chandler, where are your editors? This article should have been written in crayon. Words spelled wrong, missing commas, and sentence run on are grade school type mistakes which should have been caught by a decent editor. This cannot be a representation of a paper that is trying to take on the Sun or RJ.

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  5. You posters are completely missing the real point of this story. The NHL in all it’s wisdom has always had two sets of rules, one for the regular season, another for the playoffs. The Bruins have been the beneficiaries of this seemingly more often because of the style of hockey that they play. Things that are called regularly during the regular season are let go (to the extreme) during the playoffs. The later in a game or series, the less likely you will see a penalty called. While I am all in favour of “letting them play”, and not having the officials decide the outcome of the games, the reality is that the lack of calls being made is heavily influencing the outcome of many games. The disallowed goal in game two is not a call I would necessarily argue, but there have been literally hundreds of penalties that were not called that went on to greatly influence the outcome of games and that simply is not right or fair.

  6. Paul, It’s easy to point fingers and find mistakes when you have a DVR, 10 camera angles and all the 20-20 hindsight your nitpicking “hockey fan” mind can absorb. Video review is used in the NHL but only under certain cases. Otherwise the call on the ice stands. I’m no fan of Gary Bettman, not even close, but I’m not going to call him out for supporting the refs. You’ve got some stones calling NHL refs lazy BTW. Your point is directed at inconsistency in the NHL, I get that. So if you have a better idea, maybe a plan that includes laser beam puck scanning robots, please do share your wisdom. Otherwise can the weak pot shots and learn to me a real hockey fan. Playoff hockey is not annoying. Oh yeah… it’s been 14 years!!! You correctly interpreted the rule of the day yourself. Shot-Kick-Shot-Score. It was a GOAL. Will all of Buffalo quit picking their scabs and move on already.

  7. Also my guess is the reason the playoffs are annoying is cause Buffalo never wins in them.

  8. What a bunch of whining. ref lost sight of the puck and blew the play dead. It happens all the time. It also happened in the 1st period and in no way can you say it decided the game.

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