Xbox One or PS4 Which Will You Choose? (Poll)

Xbox One or PS4
With all the negative hype surrounding the new consoles that will be released in the very near future, we wondered where loyalties and pocketbooks might be headed in the Xbox One or the PS4 debate. Out of the two, which will you choose?

Microsoft Xbox has pretty much rained all over their loyal fan-base. Despite the mouthwatering reveals of a few new games, they’ve infuriated just about every gamer in the world with the second hand game death rattle they’ve introduced into the new console. Sure Microsoft is saying that it is the game’s publishers who have brought this all about, but I don’t believe them for a second.

Sony’s new Playstation has a few teething issues as well. Sony have made no secret out of the fact that they don’t want the hassle of “hard copy” games anymore. They want everything to be live streamed or downloaded via the internet. Game collectors aside (who, incidentally are really P***ed about the direction that Sony have decided to take) your average gamer has already seen that this is just another way to weed out the use of second hand games.

With Sony’s big reveal coming up in tonight’s E3, fans are waiting for the chance to see the event via live stream on the internet. I myself keep checking every few moments, just in case they start early! But undoubtably, we are all more than ready for the E3 conference to begin.

We are leaving the games out of this little poll of ours. Everyone knows which games are exclusive to which console, so we’re not even going there. Of course Halo fans will always choose Xbox, because if they want to play the next generation’s version of their beloved game, they’ll have to. And before you ask? I love Halo in all it’s versions. But I will admit that they’ve never quite beaten their Xbox Classic version of the game.

Just saying…

So without waiting to find out all the new games that will be available and unveiled at the 2013 E3 Conference, just tell me, which way are you going to go? Is it going to be Xbox all the way, despite the fact that the new Xbox One can and will actually be able to spy on you in your own home?

Or will you choose PS4 and it’s delightful marriage with the Vita so you can take your game with you, even though you probably had to download the damned thing instead of being able to buy a collectors edition hard copy of the game?

Just take a second to tell us which one, Xbox One or PS4 that you will choose. We are actually pretending for the purpose of this poll that we can all afford one of the new generation consoles and not have to rob a bank in order to buy one.

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By Michael Smith

5 Responses to "Xbox One or PS4 Which Will You Choose? (Poll)"

  1. CUDEAMPOLA   June 17, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    SONY PS4 = 6
    PC = 10

  2. Truth In Theory   June 17, 2013 at 8:00 am

    I don’t rent games… I’m always connected to the internet… if I want a game, I buy it when it comes out, not used….

    I think everyone is making such a huge deal out of Xbox’s restrictions, but no one is talking about the security that it brings to developers who are getting raped on illegal copies of software. Also, if you’re a hardcore gamer… you do all of the things they require anyways… stop whining about it. The only thing I can see about the new xbox that bothers me is the always on kinect… kinda creepy, but nothing a sock can’t fix.

    Keep in mind that Microsoft has beefed up their servers immensely… that means more dedicated servers, fast matchmaking and less lag…. while PS4 will require you to pay now with none of the upgrades of XBL…. Just sayin

  3. Brad   June 11, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Why do they give PC gamers a choice, consoles are consoles PC’s are computers that play games. There’s a difference we know. PC graphics will always be best we know. Just Go play PC and get out of here.

  4. ufalien   June 11, 2013 at 4:37 am

    PS4 easily. Xbox One needs a reliable internet connection every 24 hours, kills game rentals, heavily restricts trading and used game sales, is less powerful, and yet is $100 more expensive. It’s a slap in the face to consumers.

    • Patrick   June 11, 2013 at 7:47 pm

      And out comes my fanboy side. Although the 24 hour thing can be a down-side, it also means that they plan on making constant updates.You are able to gift games to your friends once per game meaning free games for your friend or family no matter where they live. Although it is more expensive, it also come with a new kinect. They main reason why i support the Xbox One over PS4 is because they are trying to innovate. Technology needs to move forward. Look at phones and how they have changed throughout the years. Please by all means, if your a purist go back and get a Block TV and a Brick Phone, if not look towards the future of consoles and see that it must move forward towards more than just games.


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