80,000 Pounds of GMO Crops Destroyed

It seems this story has been a bit ‘underground’, so we’ll try our best to shed some light on the situation. However, due to what seems to be a near complete ‘media black-out’ on the issue, there is very little to be found on the glorious internet weaving-mind machine.  What we do know is that in early June roughly 40 tons, that’s 80,000 pounds, of GMO sugar beet crops were purposefully destroyed in Oregon.  Why was this done?  Can we say protest or vandalism?

This issue goes way beyond the surface appearance of destroying someone else’s beets just to be mean.  It would be a pretty lousy fool to bring your family by foot into a neighboring field of beautiful sugar beets and set fire to roughly 6,500 of them unless you were trying to make a serious statement.  This seems to be exactly what happened on June 8th in Jackson county, on a southern Oregon farm growing genetically modified sugar beets.

There were no tire tracks, no big scene left, no.  A group of people went in by hand and made sure a good supply of these bio-engineered foods were not consumable, two whole fields of them.  It took them several nights to accomplish such a feat.  Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, this act took place just a few short weeks after the announcement from Japan that they would not be buying Oregon wheat this year due to the discovery of one single GMO plant in the bunch.  Oregon exports 80% of their wheat, so this was a huge blow to the market.

Federal investigators are asking the public to help them solve these ‘midnight crimes’ by locating the perpetrators, but who are the ones to blame really?  Genetically modified foods have not been adequately tested for human side effects, numerous countries globally, including most of Europe and Japan have banned these foods and we are wanting to point fingers at civilians trying to protest such farming acts.

Monsanto, the ‘big bio-engineer daddy’ to all these genetically modified foods actually has their own bill of protection, criminalizing those who would interfere with their projects called ‘The Monsanto Protection Act.’  Now tell me what other major corporation has their own law which safe guards their actions?

Something is fishy for sure, and I’m not sure it’s those ‘arsonist’ who torched the fields of southern Oregon destroying over 80,000 pounds of GMO crops.  Perhaps there is something to be heard in the cries of the burning beet fields, something beyond this one lost crop, but in all the natural seeds of the way farming has always been.  If we are unable to export one GMO crop already, and the country is overtaken with GMO, we will be out of business with the world and feeding ourselves our own twisted creations.  Perhaps that is how it ought to be – if you make it, you eat it.  For those of you concerned with the abundant growth of GMO crops – it’s never too late to grow your own…at least for now.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: OregonLive; What’s the Real Truth?; RealFarmacy


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