A Desperate American Government

Bolivian protest

What if Air Force One was forced down by Iranian fighter jets?  What immediate order would the vice-president issue?  So, why did President Obama ask the Austrian Air Force to force down the Presidential Plane of the Bolivian president?  Do we now have a desperate American government, fearful of what one man can expose?

Bolivian President Evo Morales was in Moscow attending a trade conference.  After he departed the Russian capital, his aircraft was refused the ‘use of air space’ by Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and France.

Hours earlier, Morales told the press that Bolivia would consider giving asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Portugal and France would not allow Morales’ plane to land.  The aircraft was stranded in Vienna for several hours while Austrian authorities checked identification and passports.  They did not attempt to board the aircraft, after Morales guaranteed them that Snowden was not on board.

Bolivia plans to file a complaint with the United Nations.

“As a government, we are filing complaints worldwide,” said Vice President and acting head of state Alvaro Garcia, on Wednesday.

“We’re talking about the president on an official trip after an official summit being kidnapped,” Bolivia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti Soliz, told reporters in Geneva.

After Bolivians heard the news, about 100 protestors formed in the nation’s capital of La Paz in front of the French Embassy.  They threw stones, and burned the French flag.

Heads of state in the South American bloc, Unasur, strenuously rejected the diversion of the flight and demanded an explanation for the “unfriendly and unjustifiable acts”, with Argentine President Cristina Kirchner calling the incident “very humiliating”.  Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua described the incident as “an attack against President Morales’s life”.

When the president of a country is on board his official aircraft, the aircraft becomes part of that nation.  The unheard of action taken against the president of a sovereign nation is criminal.

It forces more questions.  What is the American government afraid of?  Does Snowden have even more damning information to reveal?  And what could be so devastating to the United States that the President would order a violation of international law?

There is speculation forming within the international community that Snowden will never leave Moscow alive, or that he may be dead at present.

The misnamed “Patriot Act,” initiated by George W. Bush, and reinstated By Barrack H. Obama, began a series of violations of our personal privacy.

There are sources that claim that one of the major purposes of PRISM, is to gather political information, to be used by the leaders of both parties, a few of the very small number who were previously aware PRISM existed.

Time and time again our government bends the Constitution for their own purposes.  Now they are involved in international criminality.

As countries such as Egypt, Turkey, and Syria are demanding their government be responsible to its citizens, or be removed, the United States is giving the people of the world reason to think that they are desperate and fearful, that knowledge could be the undoing of our own.

Alfred James reporting


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  1. Shara   July 4, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Being coward? let freedom be freedom and not anything else!! respect somewhere is breaking down, wow!!


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