Anna Benson Armed to the Teeth Just Wanted to Talk

Anna   Benson just wanted to talk.

Anna Benson was arrested Monday after she was caught “armed to the teeth” and threatening her estranged husband Kris Benson who she, apparently, just wanted to talk to.

When Anna was apprehended on Monday, she was wearing a bulletproof vest, a baton, a knife and was holding a handgun. She was using the gun to influence her soon-to-be-ex hubby.

She burst into her estranged baseball player husband’s home and threatened him with the gun. Talking to the New York Post, the 37 year-old former spouse of the major league pitcher said, “I’m a good girl, a nice girl. I would never hurt [Kris]. I am still in love with him.”

The ex-stripper told the New York Post that her husband had repeatedly cheated on her. She’d already made these allegations before when she told FOX411 all about her husband’s infidelities when the couple made their split public last year.

Anna Benson told FOX411 that, “It started with sexy text messages and that kind of stuff. [My friend and I] were very close. Her mother was my nanny during ‘Baseball Wives’ – that’s how close we were.” It was this selfsame friend that Kris Benson was allegedly having an affair with.

Despite her claims that she still loves Kris, Anna was pretty upset by the facts as she sees them. She told The Post, that as a couple they, “have been married for 15 years, and he can’t keep it in his pants. He can’t stop f**king my friends, in my house.”

According to the police report, Anna says that she went to Kris’s house to talk about their issues. But the police report also states that once she got there, Anna smashed his computer with a metal baton and was wearing an ammo belt as well as the knife.

The report states that the former FHM model tried to rob Kris at gunpoint of $30,000, and somewhat more humorously, Anna gave a very “unique” explanation as to why she was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time; telling them she was trying to get it to “mold to her body.”

The curvaceous model explained that it was a new model and she, “didn’t understand why [they] were making such a big deal out of this,” according to the police report.

During the computer bashing robbery, estranged husband Kris made a very upset 9-1-1 call. Apparently he sounded extremely panicked during the call as he told the dispatch switchboard how Anna had entered his house holding a handgun and then threatened him. He did mention on the call that she’d never done anything like this before.

Anna was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and she has also been booked on four separate counts with two of them being felony aggravated assault with a weapon and the remaining counts being criminal trespass, and possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

Kris Benson said that he escaped from Anna and called the police after she demanded $30,000. He told her he was going to get the money and then called the police. He had filed for divorce last year but the couple are waiting for the decree to be finalised.

He has just been awarded custody of the couple’s three children, according to The Post. Anna Benson is, at the moment, staying in the Cobb County Jail in Marietta, Georgia; which is a shame since, despite being armed to the teeth, she just wanted to talk; about $30,000.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom