Arrested Development Season 5 May Arrive Sooner Than You Think


Arressted Development Season 5 may arrive sooner than you think, according to Brian Grazer, co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment. His company is in talks with Netflix right now, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in May that the show had met his expectations, and that  he would be interested in pursuing more work with the show if the sentiments were mutual.

Sentiments are definitely “mutual,” on Grazer’s part. He really liked it that people could “binge” on the entire fourth season, if they so chose to, and watch the entire season back-to-back:

We were really excited that it came back and that people were able to watch it all at once.  We’re in conversations with [Netflix] to do another season; they are interested, Netflix, in doing that; Mitch [Hurwitz] is ready to do it, and so are the actors.”

The fifth season will be done differently, if and when shooting begins on it. Mitch Hurwitz has confirmed that he’s interested in doing further work on the series, and that the fifth season “would DEFINITELY be about the family all together. That was always the design.”

According to Hurwitz, for season four, the Bluth family was originally going to be together even less than they were. He compared season four to “the Salinger collection,” of short stories, and said that the episodes would follow just what was happening in each character’s life, with the individual episodes having nothing to do with each other. By the end of each episode:

“…everybody’s life could get to a point of peril, and then the family could truly have no choice but to get back together for the next iteration.”

Despite this good news for fans of Arrested Development, Variety reports that there are no “active negotiations” are currently occurring between Netflix and 20th Century Fox TV for season five.


While Netflix would like there to be a fifth season, t he logistics of coordinating the shooting schedules of the star-studded cast are likely to be the toughest aspect of the negotiation process. Many of them are already under contracts involving other TV and movie deals. They would either have to work around these schedules or wait until after their previous contractual obligations were fulfilled.

On May 26, after more than seven years of having been off-the-air, Arrested Development experienced a renaissance when Netflix broadcast season four, back-to-back, showing an entire season in just one day.

Fans could once again see the comic double entendres and misadventures of the Bluth family, and how each of their individual lives were frozen like one of the chocolate-covered bananas sold at their family stand (before it was burned down), arrested in their developments, as the show’s title suggests.

Arrested Development originally aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006. In the minds of its legions of fans, it should have never been canceled. While not everyone was satisfied at the new format, and how the episodes all revolved aorund the holiday of Cinco (and Quatro) de Mayo, I, for one, thought season four was pretty darn hilarious.

The fifth season of Arrested Development may arrive sooner than many people thought it would, but it can’t be too soon for me — the show ROCKS, in my humble opinion.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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