Baseball Team to have $1 Weiners on Scandal Night
The class AA Richmond Flying Squirrels are paying tribute to Anthony Weiner among others during ‘Salute to Scandal Night’ on Thursday.

They might as well have just called it ‘Anthony Weiner Night.’ The Class AA Richmond Flying Squirrels are planning on celebrating the New York Mayoral candidate among others with $1 weiners when they host ‘Salute to Scandal Night’ on Thursday.

It is hard to think of a more fitting event for a baseball game. What goes more hand in hand with America’s pastime these days than a good ol’ scandal?

In honor of Anthony Weiner’s latest slip up, fans will be encouraged to send the team photos of themselves enjoying their $1 weiners on Twitter throughout the game. Weiner of course has sunk his political career by getting caught sexting more often than ball players are caught juicing. Those who send in the best pictures of themselves enjoying their weiners during the game will be rewarded with prizes.

“Scandal night is meant to be a fun, tongue in cheek night and what hotter of a scandal right now than Anthony Weiner,” said Flying Squirrels Vice President and COO Todd Parnell. “His scandal just couldn’t have come at a better time in regards to the Flying Squirrels promotional calendar.”

Other festivities to be included in the event are a “Brett Favre Football Throw” and a “Tiger Woods Closest to the Pin Challenge.”

Perhaps the only scandal the team avoided was the Biogenesis scandal presently plaguing the MLB. They easily could have made light of the Ryan Braun suspension by selling jello shots for the same price of a wiener.

When your sport and country are full of scandals, the only thing left to do is embrace it. The Class AA Flying Squirrels of Richmond have done just that with $1 weiners on ‘Salute to Scandal Night.’

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