BlackBerry Z10 Price Drops to $49

Z10 price drops

Little more than four months from its release date, the BlackBerry Z10 is tumbling down the smartphone mountain, to be priced as low as $49 in some outlets. Best Buy is the first retailer who dropped the price on the once, must have device that should have re-designed the ailing BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion brand.

A BlackBerry spokesman tried to make light of the reduced pricing, “It’s part of life cycle management to tier the pricing for current devices to make room for the next ones.”

This could mean an exciting turn of events and perhaps BlackBerry is on the cusp of releasing the rumored second generation device called the A10 with similar specs as the Z10. Or it could be merely the company trying to save face.

The reduction of $100 or more shows a tepid response continues for the BlackBerry line. The Samsung Galaxy Note II still sells as high as $299 and began selling in markets in the fall of 2012. With the price drop of the BlackBerry Z10 to $49, it shows there are some struggles previously veiled by the ailing organization.

This variance of response from buyers shows smartphones continue to grow momentum and the once “CrackBerry” fan-base is converting to Apple, Android or Windows. BlackBerry’s Chief Executive Thorsten Heins is imploring shareholders to have patience, as the company is going through a transition. Competing in a market where touchscreen smartphones are king, and ruled by Apple and Android- BlackBerry should go back to what works.

Upon the launch of the BlackBerry Q10, shares did perk up. In entered the original format of the BlackBerry device. It has a physical keyboard, an item missing in many smartphones today and customers took notice. The piano styled or candy bar style phones is a last selection typically for consumers who enjoy the slider options on devices.

Earlier this week, Chitika, a global analysis firm of mobile web traffic, stated the overall shares of BlackBerry have fizzled and “BlackBerry will have to maneuver quickly and intelligently if the company is to remain competitive in the handset marketplace.”

BlackBerry experienced tremendous strength when the BlackBerry Torch was released; fans were elated with the slider keyboard option. The company should stick with what they know. Competing in a touchscreen environment will only dilute any sales potential. The field is much too saturated and the competition is ambitious. The keyboard is a feature found typically only on basic phones in today’s environment.

While the A10 sounds promising, hopefully BlackBerry will gather with their advisers, and Heins. The smartphone market was a new concept when BlackBerry entered the game. Consumers were enamored with e-mail access at their fingertips. It became the ‘crack’ of technology and to regain a footing in the handheld market, the company needs to stop competing in the touchscreen field. The positive approach is going back to what works.

The Q10 was received positively, its pricing remains on the average, $199 for eligible upgrades and new lines. Yet, it is the the much advertised Z10, button-less and 100 percent touch capability that has failed to impress. AT&T is currently selling the model at $99 as Amazon and Best Buy drop the pricing to $49.

Angelina Bouc

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  1. Jim johnston   July 14, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    I got a z10… And awesome phone. Incredible keyboard.

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