Blindness Healed with Marigold Extract

Blindness Healed through Marigold Extract

Marigold flowers have long been used in religious ceremonies as symbols of regeneration and creation, thought to give good luck and happiness.  The eyes represent, to many, the windows to the soul and the gift of vision is one most of us probably take for granted.  But what if you started to lose your sight?  Very few people think of blindness as being a reversible condition, unless surgery is involved. In fact, on the rare cases when someone has lost their sight and then had it restored, we have considered such thing a miracle, beyond the scope of ‘normal’ happenings. Well, that may be changing thanks to the discovery of an herbal extract from the marigold plant which helped at least one man heal from near total blindness.

Harry Marsland, age 73 from the United Kingdom used to be an optician, so he was all too familiar with what he could expect when diagnosed with ‘age-related’ macular degeneration(AMD). Harry was quickly starting to lose vision in his right eye, where he finally became completely blind. This started to happen in his left eye as well, to the point where he was contemplating having to learn braille, when he had the idea to treat himself somehow.

Imagine losing your sight, the very sense we rely on to do most everything. It is one thing to be born without this amazing gift, but after 73 years of depending on your eyes, consider the reality of watching your world become dark and the people you love’s faces disappearing before your eyes. This is what was happening to Harry Marsland. He tried everything he could think of to ward off the affects of his condition including experimental laser treatments and vitamin therapies, even various herbs. Then Harry discovered Marigold extract. He thought he had nothing to lose by trying this supplement and it was something he hadn’t heard of before – so he ordered the extract off a flyer spending around $240 for a year’s supply (not bad considering the cost of medications these days).

The supplement was called meso-zeaxanthin, a marigold extract which also included a spinach derived lutein and a corn derivative zeaxanthin. Harry started taking 2mg per day and after several months noticed he was walking in the dark unassisted. His wife noticed he was no longer using his magnifying glass. Upon inspection, he had restored over 95% vision in his left eye. “I now know, professionally that I have recovered almost completely from the effects in my left eye,” he said. “I am the first person to have such good fortune.

Blindness, almost always assumed to be a finality for most who face it, is opening up to the possibility of self-healing through something as simple as the beautiful marigold extract.  Nature has shown to provide reliable medicine time and again when we will but turn to her and listen.  Like a trusted physician who has all the answers and is unafraid of the consequences of sharing those answers, nature is indeed, human-kind’s best health provider.

Marigold flowers have long been a gift given to the deities of temples in ancient India, Thailand, Cambodian, Indonesia and China.  Perhaps the knowledge of their power to remove blindness was known and given in hopes of clearing the spiritual vision of those who visited there.  To be truly healed from blindness both physically and spiritually, we must be willing to  receive the blessings that come with intentional action, as did Mr. Marsland and his marigold extract.  Often times we inhibit our own healing through fear and doubt, but when in trust and knowing – all is possible.  May all go forth with clear vision – and truly see.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Natural News; Daily Mail Online UK; Natural Ex; All Star Health

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