Portland Piano Push Today at Pioneer Square (video)

Portland Piano Push Today in Pioneer Squre

Portland, Oregon– Once again this summer, The Snowman Foundation will be offering piano-playing members of the public the opportunity to display their talent in public spaces around the city.

The event, Piano! Push! Play!, kicks off Monday, July 22 at 5:00 p.m., at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Keyboard enthusiasts will find Snowman Foundation pianos at several designated street musician locations through Friday, August 2.

The ribbon cutting ceremony at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5:00 p.m. on July 22 will be followed by a short program featuring a duet performance by Portland Police Bureau Officer Jim Quackenbush and Hailey Rowden, a teenager and recipient of a Snowman Foundation piano and scholarship.

Piano! Push! Play!! traces its roots to a pop-up concert series, with one piano on one street corner, in 2012. The project has evolved into a larger initiative designed to give young pianists a new and exciting way to display their musical abilities outside and away from the typical concert hall. It honors Portland’s longstanding love of public musical performances, representing yet another way for people to see, hear and enjoy talented musicians in action.

Piano! Push! Play! offers pianists (both professional and novice) more opportunities to play for the public as easily as any street performer can play. All they need to do is locate one of the Snowman Foundation’s piano, settle in on the piano bench, and make music.

While the pianos will be available during this time for use by members of the public, there will also be scheduled performances by students and others associated with The Snowman Foundation.

Push! Piano! Play! and The Snowman Foundation will work with numerous businesses throughout Portland to make pianos available to the public for a two week period. Afterwards, these pianos will be donated to kids, organizations, and schools through The Snowman Foundation’s Play It Forward program.

In March 2013, the Portland Police Bureau released a video about the partnership with the Play It Forward program. The video can be seen here:

In addition to the piano at Pioneer Courthouse Square, other locations include:

* Rose Festival/Salmon Street Springs @ SW Salmon & Naito Parkway, Tom McCall Waterfront Park
* 13th & West Burnside, near American Apparel
* Saturday Market, near Bill Naito Legacy Fountain

We believe that simply by exposing people to the visual and auditory experience of a fellow human playing the piano, we are reminded of how magical and vital music is to our community,” said Michael Allen Harrison, founder of The Snowman Foundation. “Thanks to a partnership with our organization, and our generous sponsors Portland Piano Company and West Coast Piano Moving and Storage, we are able to bring together the components of community, kids, and music to the streets of Portland.”

This event is made possible by our sponsors, Portland Piano Company and West Coast Piano Moving and Storage, and a partnership with Portland Police Bureau.

The Snowman Foundation works to ensure that playing and learning about music is something that every young person can do. Our belief is that intent and talent, not economics, should be the factors that define who gets the chance to play. By creating access to music for children in our community, we work towards providing opportunity for learning through music.

The Play It Forward program brings together donors and music students in a unique and compelling way; our donors give instruments that have a family history and sentimental value and feel good knowing that the recipient is a child who will love the instrument as much as the family before them. Community members donate their instruments, often having sat in their homes unused for decades, donors wanting their well-loved instrument to go to kids who will happily benefit from its use.

For more information about The Snowman Foundation, contact Amy Johnson, Foundation Manager, (503) 318-3582, Amy@SnowmanFoundation.org, or visit http://www.snowmanfoundation.org.

Reported by: Stasia Bliss

Source: Portland Police Bureau Press Release

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