Why Showers Can Be the Most Productive Time of Day

Why Showers Can be the most productive time of day
Who doesn’t enjoy a good shower?  Scrub-a-dub goes the soap…the smell of the shampoo and it’s soft texture cascading down your back as hot water and steam surround you?  Plus, your voice never sounded so good as in this echoing haven of moist nakedness.  Many people find that great inspirations come to them in the shower and it’s been positively shown that showers can be the most productive time of day, why?

Certain times of day are found to be more productive for doing certain things – they call it aligning with our Circadian rhythms. Morning and evening tend to be the best time to shower for a variety of reasons including the activity of certain organs and the way showers have a tendency to ‘reset’ the mind. Let’s look at some of the uses for shower time, which makes them so productive.

Limited Attention

We are a people and culture of growing distractions.  There are so many choices constantly presenting themselves as to where to put our attention.  A great majority of us try to put a piece of ourselves toward every little thing of interest all at once instead of focusing in one direction to completion.  The shower is a place where you can only do so much.  There is no computer in there (yet), no phone, books, food, usually no one else to distract you, not even a pesky shirt tag or jewelry to get in the way.  Nope, there is nothing there but you and your glorious ‘suit o’natural’ and your beautiful mind.

With no where else to focus, the mind can run through it’s list of ‘things to do’ pretty quickly and find it’s way to other matters of importance, including marvelous inspiration – if allowed.  Since the shower is largely an automatic venture for most people, it leaves room for creative possibility to join you while you are soaping up.  Think of it as valuable meditation time, remembering that meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting still with the eyes closed, but instead – just noticing everything you are doing with full attention – including the thoughts running through your head.  There are some gems in there and the shower is a great place to see them come to light.

Keep a notebook or tape player somewhere in the room so you can jot down brilliant ideas when you jump out.

Cleanse the Field

The shower presents a unique opportunity to everyone beyond regular body hygiene, if we but stretch our perspective of the self a bit.  Not only are we physical beings who get ‘dirty’ during the day from the normal sweat and tears of being alive, but we are also energetic beings who tend to ‘take on’ other people’s emotions, energies and thoughts as we go along our way.  Dreams can also leave us feeling somewhat out of sorts, residues of dream images and often sleepless nights can make the day start slowly and with a feeling of being ‘bogged down’ until that all important shower.  In the shower, if we use the opportunity wisely, is an chance to ‘clear our field’ of all the energy which we would not like to take into the day.

Taking a shower mid-day, after events or interactions which were possibly unpleasant, can help ‘re-set’ your energetic body to feel clean and refreshed again – much like a ‘restart’ button.  Use those precious moments with soap in hand to tell yourself mentally ‘I cleanse and remove all negative or ‘sticky’ energy from my field’  or ‘I wash off all other people’s thoughts, feelings and mental projections which have impacted me as of late’, so you can move into your day as a clean slate.  You may also want to cleanse away any of your own out-dated emotions or thought patterns that have been affecting your progress and evolution.  Just imagine as you wash off, letting all those unhelpful ideas and beliefs wash down the drain with the scum. What we do with intention is powerful, so use your shower time to your greatest advantage and feel the difference!

Improve your voice

As mentioned above, most people have used the shower as a place to work on singing or simply express joyfully the way life feels- in a safe place where, let’s face it – you sound great.  Not only is the shower a fabulous place for singing, but because the acoustics are usually so fantastic, the shower can really help improve the voice by offering a beautiful feedback loop for all kinds of vocal stimulation.  It’s a great idea to use your vocal chords to make simple sounds, such as toning, vowel sounds, scales and the like.  Practicing with your voice relaxes your body in a way other exercise cannot.  It also strengthens your diaphragm and your lungs to give your voice a little work out.  Just take the few minutes in the shower each day to work the full scale of your vocal range and you might find yourself a better communicator in the real world.

As we build a greater connection to our voice and the sounds we can make, we unleash something powerful inside which gives us the courage to ‘speak our truth’ when the opportunities arise.  Sometimes, situations present themselves where we get that urge to speak, but just can’t for some reason.  Often times it is because we are not used to hearing ourselves speak in ‘unlikely’ ways.  In other words, we get ‘programmed’ to respond to life verbally, and when our truth wants to be spoken, because it is not practiced or ‘natural’, we often thwart ourselves in the moment due to our own discomfort.  But…by practicing singing, toning and sound in the shower, we can overcome the obstacle of speaking out and begin to see our lives transform because of it.

Showers really can be the most productive time of the day because we don’t have to answer to the ‘what’s’ or ‘why’s’ of anyone else – just to that which is bubbling up inside (and on our heads).  By becoming conscious of the precious moments each and everyday we have with ourselves in this way, we open up at least 3, 650 minutes – the equivalent of a whole day and a half – every year for personal inspiration and self-improvement time (based on a 10 minute shower average).  That’s like an extra few days off work.  How many of us spend entire days devoted to nurturing ourselves and listening to inner guidance? Maybe it’s time for two a day?!  Perhaps ought to take this shower time a little more ‘seriously’ and have some serious fun with it – pass the soap!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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