LSTN Toms Shoes For Your Ears


When researching what to write about I searched high and low and found something that I feel is awe-inspiring and something I wish I could be a part of. Well, that I feel I have taken the step to write about. You may think, what can this grammar filled idea man who says a lot about himself write about next?

This story is not about me other, then again, I wish I could be more a part of. We all know how we would react if, for some reason, we lost our senses in some manner be it vision or hearing (being the most popular), What would we do? How would we react, really? If what you saw in front of you be it on a screen or of the beauty of the Earth. What would you do if what you saw that brought you such emotion internally react if it was gone? If a song were to remind you of a moment (in hopes that it’s good) that made your emotions jump and frolic. What would you do if you lost that sound and with it, that memory? What would you do?

Well, what Bridget Hilton, and Joe Huff have come together to bring is awe-inspiring. It is LSTN. This idea that Bridget had as a music industry veteran is awesome. She traveled through the redwood forest on a road trip and came up with the idea for LSTN. It is making headphones out of wood. As with Tom’s for footwear this is for your ears. LSTN would also be helping the hearing-impaired around the world. A portion of the purchase price for each set of LSTN headphones goes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a global organization that’s committed to providing 100,000 hearing aids a year to those that need them. While she wouldn’t disclose exactly what percent of the price goes to charity, she did say it was a “significant amount” of gross revenue, or how many hearing aids the Starkey Foundation had given out on her company’s behalf, Hilton did say that giving back was just as important to her as selling a product. She cited Tom’s Shoes as part of her inspiration for the model.

For now, LSTN headphones come in two models: the chrome Troubadours and the folding Fillmores. They’re accompanied by a line of earbuds called the Bowerys which are, impressively, also made out of reclaimed wood. All of the models come with a microphone and controller so that they work with smartphones and music players. The headphones are sold through the LSTN website for $150, $100 and $50 respectively and are scheduled to make their retail debut at Whole Foods in August.

“A lot of headphones are made to sound good in one genre [like] hip hop or something,” Hilton said. “For ours, we want them to sound good on any genre. We want to appeal to the general music fan.” Mission accomplished.

This again as many times you’ve read before is awesome. Helping those less fortunate is great, but to be able to put together a product that everyone uses anyways is smart. It will not only help you hear the sounds that come from the device that they are connected to, but you also get to visualize those who have problems hearing things for the first time or even better than they had before.

Therefore, if you’re going to buy a pair of headphones purchase LSTN it will be worth it in two ways.

Forrest L. Rawls


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