Braun to Be Suspended After All-Star Break

Ryan Braun is reportedly going to be suspended following the All-Star break.
Ryan Braun is reportedly going to be suspended following the All-Star break.

Suspensions resulting from the Biogenesis probe are looming according to a report by ESPN, especially likely is a suspension of Ryan Braun following the All-Star break. The now shut down anti-aging clinic is still being investigated by Major League Baseball for its role in supplying performance enhancing drugs to twenty of its players.

All of the players involved are rumored to be facing suspensions as a result of the information provided against them in the investigation, but Milwaukee Brewers Left Fielder Ryan Braun is in perhaps the hottest water of any players named in the investigation.

Braun has not exactly been cooperative in the investigation thus far, declining to answer questions regarding his connection with Biogenesis and his performance enhancing drug use in general. Both ESPN and the New York Daily News reported that suspensions are looming in the investigation despite the fact that there is still one more interview the league is planning to conduct.

On its “Outside the Lines” program ESPN reported that “Commissioner Bud Selig’s office is expected to suspend Braun and [the Yankees Alex] Rodriguez, along with as many as 20 players sometime after next week’s All-Star break.” They sited “several sources” in their report.

The New York Daily News supported ESPN’s claim that the suspension of Ryan Braun and the rest of the 20 men named in the investigation were imminent after the All-Star break, reporting that “any suspensions baseball announces would not come before the All-Star Game Tuesday at Citi Field, according to a baseball source. However, the suspensions are expected ‘definitely before the end of the season,’ the source said, and possibly much sooner.”

Major League Baseball has not confirmed these claims however, stating through a spokesperson that “we are still in the midst of an active investigation.”

According to previous reports, the league is considering harsher punishments than standard league policy dictates. “Alex Rodriquez and Ryan Braun are the names on top of the list, and are reportedly being targeted for 100 game suspensions. The rational for skipping to a second offense punishment isn’t quite airtight. They argue that prior  claims by the players that they weren’t involved with performance enhancing drugs or steroids count as a first offense, while anything that Bosch reveals to the league officials will constitute another.”

Ryan Braun has only recently returned to the Brewers lineup after spending a month on the disabled list due to a hand injury. After beating the Cincinnati Reds 2-0 last night, the superstar gave a brief statement regarding the investigation. “In regards to that whole crazy situation, the truth still hasn’t changed,” He said after his one hit effort in the team’s victory. “I’m still going to continue to respect the process and not discuss anything in the media. Beyond that, the vast majority of stories that have come out are inaccurate. But aside from that I’m not going to say anything else tonight.”

Milwaukee is struggling to compete this season, and losing their superstar surely will cause this team to finish near the bottom of the National League standings. They have more problems than just Braun, however when his name is in the lineup he gives his team the hope that it can win every night.

If he does have to miss the last half of the season, the team could use that time to give its prospects significant time against big league talent. A playoff run in the second half would be even more likely should he be suspended.

The Milwaukee Brewers slugger dodged a suspension the first time he was accused of using PEDs, however it looks more and more unlikely this time around. After the All-Star break it is looking more and more likely that Ryan Braun will be suspended, despite the league not confirming this as of yet.

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